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Bill Clinton coming to Haiti next week - He has an announcement to make!

Bill Clinton and Michel Martelly Former US President Bill Clinton will be in Haiti 17 Feb for a 2-day visit. Clinton is expected to make announcement while visiting the Haiti recycling company Sustainable Recycling Solutions (SRS Haiti). more »

President Aristide ordered the assassination of Jean Dominique, Former Senator Mirlande Liberus Pavert carried out the order...

Jean Dominique - Jean Bertrand Aristide A shocking report has just been released... Former Haiti Senator Mirlande Libérus and other members of Fanmi Lavalas for the murder of Journalist Jean Dominique... According to the report, President Aristide ordered the assassination, Mirlande Libérus Pavert carried out the order, and the assailants were paid USD $60,000 to do the dirty work... more »

Haiti PM Laurent Lamothe thinks Haiti is doing well four years after the earthquake

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe at a Haitian Senate Hearing Haiti Prime Minister told the Associated Press: "I think (the rebuilding effort) has gone very well, enormously well, considering the enormous challenges and the enormous lack of resources that we had when we started." more »

Nan 21e siecle saa, ki Opinion-w de Parti Politique Haiti Yo?

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog Banm poze-w yon Question: Menm si ou PA panse Haiti change, mwen kwè ou kapab admèt ke Haitien change kompletman o point-de-vue politik... Mwen pa-p pale de ti group moun ki nan lari tout lajounen ak pannkat nan men yo a... M'ap pale de grande majorite a ki rete bwa kwaze, ki ap gade yo... m'ap pale tou de moun ki rete chita nan salon lakay yo, ki gen kapasite pou fe opinion yo pase atravè rezo social yo... Kesyon pa-m la, se pou moun sa yo... ki opinion-w de Parti Politiques Haiti Yo? more »

Eske ou panse President Martelly vinn GRANMOUN (vyeyi) depi li pran pouvwa-a?

Haiti President Martelly ap distribye kits alimentaire nan Bois-Neuf Gen yon zanmi ki ap gade photo Prezidan Martelly, li souke tet li, epi li di: Mesye... Martelly Finn Granmoun... Ou panse sa tou? more »

Haiti no longer among US imminent danger areas

Uncle Sam - The U.S. Government GOOD News for Haiti -- The United States Department of Defense (DOD) says Haiti is no longer among the locations designated as "imminent danger pay (IDP) areas". The DOD said the Republic of Haiti along with eight other land areas would be removed from the Iminitend danger list effective June 1, 2014... more »

Suddenly, President Aristide's wife Mildred is doing the talking...

Mildred Aristide the Rescue? Suddenly now it is President Aristide's wife Mildred doing to talking... She came out and spoke on behalf of her husband Aristide on 16 Dec 2013, the 23rd anniversary of Jean-Bertrand Aristide's election as president of Haiti. more »

Question: Is Martelly handling the Haiti-Dominican Crisis very well?

President Martelly Ki ap Kondi There are those who criticize the Martelly administration for not handling the Haitian-Dominican denationalization crisis very well. There are others who say President Martelly and his team could not handle it any other way since it is in fact a Dominican problem that unfortunately involves Dominicans of Haitian decent... QUESTION: If you were in Martelly's shoes, how would you handle it? more »

Haiti, Menm Politik OFF les Weekend... LOL...

Haiti National Palace... Once upon a time in Haiti... Ou pa remake tout moun OFF les Weekend an Haiti y inclus tout tip de POLITIK nan peyi a? Tout Manifestation, contestation, revantication fèt du Lundi au Vendredi, avan 6 heure PM... Samedi se jou bese leve, Dimanche c'est le jour consacre au repos et a la priere... LOL... Eskem manti? more »

AP: Haiti has seen a spike in the number of protests in recent months

Haiti - Manifestan ap voye wosh sou La Police Not the type of news that brings more JOBS to Haiti but the Associated press has just reported that Haiti has seen a spike in the number of protests in recent months, with a few of them turning violent... more »