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Les Cayes Haiti: Mayor Gabriel Fortune asks parents to take up arms against those who don't want their children to go to school

Did Haitian mayor Jean Gabriel Fortuné just declare war on the all those who protest in the streets of Haiti and prevent children from going to school?

Gregory Brandt: The Rich in Haiti pay more taxes, Politicians make the people believe the rich do not pay

There is a sector in the Haitian population that is trying to make the people believe that the rich don't pay taxes. Haitian businessman Gregory Brandt had something to say about that...

Haiti Politik - Koripsyon pi red, Neg yo monte FIRM rapid pou yo fe lajan

Jounaliste Marco Jean Presimon (Radio SCOOP FM) di: "Peyi sa a... Genlè koripsyon pap janm fini ladan l paske chak nèg ki monte sou pouvwa, te mèt se 3 mwa li vini fè, nèg yo monte firm rapid pou yo fè kòb."

FLASH : Haiti Senator Willot Joseph just attacked, his vehicle stolen

Breaking News... Bandits in Haiti have just attacked Senator Willot Joseph. They left with his car, according to Boucan Carre depute Jude Jean.

Haiti Immigration - Arret de travail a la Direction de l'Immigration et de l'Emigration

Le Ministère de l'Intérieur et des Collectivités Territoriales déplore l'arrêt de travail enregistré à la Direction de l'Immigration et de l'Emigration, au niveau central, à Lalue.

Amwey... men Krek Koko ap diskite au Senat de La Republique

Jezu! Ou kwè se mwen??? Men Senatè yo ap diskite Krèk Koko andedan chanm Senat Republique la...

Haiti Diaspora - Lucie Tondreau sentenced to 65 months in prison for Mortgate Fraud

Lucie Tondreau, a community activist who made political history in North Miami and was a symbol of hope for many in her community, was sentenced to 65 months in prison on Tuesday by a federal judge for her role in an $11 million mortgage fraud scam.

AUDIO: Haiti - Oriel Jean Interview - Aristide was involved in Jean Dominique Murder

Listen to this AUDIO... After his death, Oriel Jean's interview was released in which the former security chief of Jean Bertrand Aristide explained in details how the Haitian ex-president and his close supporters plotted and executed the murder of journalist Jean Dominique, assassinated April 3, 2000...

Haiti - Shots fired at ex-Depute Hidson Nelson's vehicle, Depute Injured

Former Haiti Depute Hidson Nelson of Pignon, Ranquitte et La Victoire, was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday afternoon, 04 Mar 2014, after his vehicle was shot at by 3 armed gunmen riding on motorcycles...

Haiti has 147 Political Parties, Is there enough positions in Government for all these party leaders to fill?

While was listening to Haitian radio today I found out Haiti has 147 official Political Parties, the radio host said it is probably more than 200... It made me wonder... Is there enough positions for all these party leaders to fill in Government?