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Amwey... men Krek Koko ap diskite au Senat de La Republique

PHOTO: Haiti - Krek Koko Jezu! Ou kwè se mwen??? Men Senatè yo ap diskite Krèk Koko andedan chanm Senat Republique la... more »

Haiti Diaspora - Lucie Tondreau sentenced to 65 months in prison for Mortgate Fraud

Suspended North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau being interviewed by the media Lucie Tondreau, a community activist who made political history in North Miami and was a symbol of hope for many in her community, was sentenced to 65 months in prison on Tuesday by a federal judge for her role in an $11 million mortgage fraud scam. more »

AUDIO: Haiti - Oriel Jean Interview - Aristide was involved in Jean Dominique Murder

President Jean Bertrand Aristide Listen to this AUDIO... After his death, Oriel Jean's interview was released in which the former security chief of Jean Bertrand Aristide explained in details how the Haitian ex-president and his close supporters plotted and executed the murder of journalist Jean Dominique, assassinated April 3, 2000... more »

Haiti - Shots fired at ex-Depute Hidson Nelson's vehicle, Depute Injured

Crime Scene in Haiti Former Haiti Depute Hidson Nelson of Pignon, Ranquitte et La Victoire, was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday afternoon, 04 Mar 2014, after his vehicle was shot at by 3 armed gunmen riding on motorcycles... more »

Haiti has 147 Political Parties, Is there enough positions in Government for all these party leaders to fill?

For Rent - Haiti National Palace While was listening to Haitian radio today I found out Haiti has 147 official Political Parties, the radio host said it is probably more than 200... It made me wonder... Is there enough positions for all these party leaders to fill in Government? more »

Haiti - Laurent Lamothe DENIES rumors he is in Trouble in Miami

PHOTO: Haiti - PM Laurent Lamothe Vwayaje COACH ale New York La Guardia Airport Former Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe DENIES rumors he is in Trouble with the law in Miami... Right before the new year, rumors spread that Laurent Lamothe was escorted out of Haiti by US. Marshall and was questioned upon arrival in the United States... more »

Lucie Tondreau Found GUILTY of Mortgate Fraud

Haitian North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau in Handcuffs Lucie Tondreau, the suspended Haitian-American mayor of North Miami was found guilty of mortgage fraud Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014, by a federal jury... Lucie Tondreau now faces up to 30 years in prison... Sentencing is set for March 20 2014... more »

Haiti's Political Crisis Is About to Get Worse - True or False?

Manifestation Tabarre Kawotchou ap brule, Route bloke, Roche a la main... A news article published by predicts that the Haiti political crisis is about to get worse... "No elections, an empty Senate, violent protests on the streets of Port-au-Prince -- and Haiti's unrest is just getting started," the article says... Not exactly what we the people of the republic want but... more »

Haiti PM Laurent Lamothe Wins 2014 Leader of the Year Award

Haiti PM Laurent Lamothe and Wins Bravo Awards 2014 Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe was just awarded the 2014 Bravo Innovative Leader of the Year Award... Winning the Latin Trade BRAVO Business Awards is like winning an Oscar... more »

Haiti - President Martelly and PM Lamothe visits Flooded Cap Haitien

PHOTO: Haiti Inondation - President Martelly ak Laurent Lamothe au Cap Haitien Minutes after ending a meeting at the National Palace, Haiti president Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe headed to Cap Haitien Thursday, 06 Nov 2014, to see first hand the situation in a city flooded after heavy rains hit northern Haiti. more »