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FLASH - Yon Manifestation Anti-Martelly fek komanse nan Lari Port-au-Prince Jodi a

Manifestation Anti Martelly Haiti 14 May 2014 Denye Nouvel... Gen yon manifestation anti-Martelly ki ap prepare pou demare laa sou Belair jounen Jeudi 5 Juin 2014 la... Ancien Senatè Turneb Delpe ki nan manifestation saa, nan yon interview sou radio Vision 2000, te bay yon list rezon pou manifestation saa... more »

Text ARTICLE 289 - 1987 Constitution of Haiti

Konstitisyon Se Papye, Bayonet Se Fe ARTICLE 289 - 1987 Constitution of Haiti --- Awaiting the establishment of the Permanent Electoral Council provided for in this Constitution, the National Council of Government shall set up a Provisional Electoral Council of nine (9) members, charged with drawing up and enforcing the Electoral Law to govern the next elections, who shall be designated as follows: more »

Brazil to Train 200 for the New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers

The New Haitian Army - La Nouvelle Armée Haitienne The New Haitian Army is about to grow in numbers... NOT in fire power but in Brain power... Brazil and Haiti have just signed an accord Thursday, 29 May 2014, whereby Brazil will train 200 Haitian youths in Military Engineering (French: Genie Militaire). Once they graduate, their task will be to build roads, bridges and infrastructure, also to respond to the future Natural disasters in Haiti... more »

Haitian Vice-Mayor Philippe Bien-Aime replaces Lucie Tondreau as Mayor of North Miami

Philippe Bien-Aime - Acting Mayor - City of North Miami Florida Soon after Lucie Tondreau got suspended as mayor of North Miami by Florida governor Rick Scott, Haitian-American vice mayor Philippe Bien-Aime became the acting mayor of North Miami... Business as usual, the acting mayor says... more »

SCOOP : Mirlande Manigat was among delegation BANNED from Visiting Timothee Rony in Prison in Arcahaie Haiti

Mirlande Manigat nan Arcahaie - Affaire Rony Timothee Haiti News UPDATE --- While listening to a Haitian Radio station in Haiti I discovered that former Haiti presidential Candidate Mirlande Manigat was one of the members of an opposition delegation who was refused entry to Arcahaie Haiti Wednesday, 21 May 2014, to visit MOPOD spokesperson Timothee Rony currently imprisoned there... more »

Haiti - MOPOD Delegation Refused entry to Arcahaie where Timothee Rony is Imprisoned

Rony Timothee - FOPARK HOT News from Haiti... A delegation of people from MOPOD and the political opposition embarked on a mission Wednesday, 21 May 2014, to go see Timothee Rony, porte-parole of MOPOD, imprisoned in Arcachaie, they were REFUSED entry... "Only his lawyers and close family members can see him" is the word from Haiti's Justice department... more »

Lucie Tondreau SUSPENDED as Mayor of North Miami Florida

Haitian North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau in Handcuffs UPDATE - Florida Governor Rick Scott suspended Haitian-American North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau from office Tuesday afternoon hours after she was arrested by FBI for Mortgage Fraud and appeared in court to face the charges... Many Haitians in the diaspora were wondering if Lucy Tondreau would be able to continue her functions as mayor of North Miami... Here's your answer... more »

Lucie Tondreau First Appearance in Court, Granted $50,000 Bail

Haitian North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau in Handcuffs UPDATE - Haitian North Miami mayor Lucie Tondreau who was arrested for Mortgage Fraud this morning made her first court appearance Tuesday... During her brief court appearance, she was granted bond and could be released from jail on a $50,000 bail. Tondreau will have a court-ordered curfew from 11pm to 6 a.m. but will not wear an ankle monitor... more »

Haitian North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau in FBI Handcuffs

Haitian North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau in Handcuffs Lucie Tondreau, the Haitian-American mayor of North Miami surrendered to the FBI early Tuesday, 20 May 2014, after being charged with Mortgage fraud... Minutes later she is seen walking out of the FBI building in handcuffs... Not a good thing for the residents of North Miami to see... more »

TRUE or FALSE? When a troublemaker is arrested in a Haiti manifestation, he becomes a 'political prisoner'

Mario Beauvoir - Haitian Lawyer Haitian Politics case study - What is a political prisonner? What is a legitimate arrest in times of political tensions? --- There is something I don't quite understand as far as 'Manifestation Politique' in Haiti is concerned... Everytime a troublemaker is arrested during a protest, opposition leaders cry "Prisionier Politique." This seems to contradict a statement made recently by a Haitian lawyer recently... more »