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Haiti Justice - MINUJUSTH wants to prolong its mandate in Haiti BUT they have a plan to leave sooner than you think

MINUJUSTH taking over where MINUSTAH left off The United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti (MINUJUSTH) whose mandate expires on 15 April 2018 is looking to extend it further so they can provide more justice support to the country. more »

Haiti Military - 3 Soldiers of the New Haitian Army arrested by Police following a brawl at a night club in Anse-Rouge

The Haitian Armed Forces - Les Forces Armées d'Haiti 3 soldiers of the new Haitian Army Corps of Engineers were arrested by the Haitan police (PNH) Saturday in Anse-Rouge, Artibonite Haiti. more »

Did you know : President Aristide has a $2,000,000 house in Taiwan

President Aristide Kontan, tout moun ap manyen li... Former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide has a house in Taiwan worth $2,000,000 dollars US. This is one of the assets adding to Aristide's multi million dollar net worth... more »

Haiti Electricity - 15 months left until Haiti has Electricity 24/7

Haiti - EDH at Work - Electricité d'Haiti ap Travay The Haitian government announced only 15 months left until the republic of Haiti has electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. more »

Ex Haiti Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive forbidden to leave the country (interdiction de depart)

Haiti Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive A judge in Port-au-Prince has instructed Haitian Immigration to prohibit former Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive from leaving the country by air, land and sea in an order dated 18 December 2017. more »

Haiti Environment: NGOs are using the environment to make big money but nothing is getting done, Official said

Cheval Horse Haiti Countryside Savane Haleine Haiti There are many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Haiti who are making their bread and butter behalf of the environment but, in reality, they are doing absolutely nothing for the environment. more »

29 Nov 2017, Haiti president Jovenel Moise commemorates the Ruelle Vaillant Massacre perpetrated back in 1987

PHOTO: Haiti - President Jovenel Moise a la ruelle Vaillant - 29 Nov 2017 Haiti president Jovenel Moise went to Ruelle Vaillant Wednesday, 29 Nov 2017, to deposit flowers at the foot of the memorial dedicated to people killed at Ecole nationale Argentine Bellegarde and several points of the territory on that day back in 1987. more »

Manifestation in Cap-Haitien 18 Novembre 2017, Police breaks it second time

PHOTO: Manifestation in Haiti, Tires Burning A Haitian street protest against president Jovenel and the re-mobilization of the Haitian army was foiled a second times in Cap-Haitien Saturday 18 Novembre 2017. more »

Haiti - First time since 1995, the Haitian Army gather in Vertieres to Celebrate Haitian Army Day

The Haitian Military at the foot of the Vertières Momument The Haitian army, which was disbanded back in 1995, will celebrate 18 Novembre 2017, Haitian Army Day, for the first time in 22 years. more »

Haiti: Vertieres 2017 - Goverment officials gather at the Vertieres Momunent

Haiti: Vertières 2017 - Goverment officials gather at the Vertières Momunent Haiti, 18 Novembre 2017, Haitian Governmentt officials gather at the Vertières Monument in Cap-Haitien to Commemorate the 214-year anniversary of the Battle of Vertières, the battle which gave Haiti it's independence. more »