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A pastor is kidnapping Haiti, some are saying it is an act of vengeance by the Justice Minister of the country

Haiti government : A prime minister is linked to the assassination of the president, a Justice minister is linked to the kidnapping of a pastor What is going on in Haiti? The prime minister's name is mentioned in the murder of the president. Now the Justice minister's name is mentioned in the kidnapping of a pastor. more »

Haiti Politics/Gang : Is G-9 a gang or the new indigenous army of Haiti?

On October 17th 2021 in Haiti, there was a showdown between the gang of Ariel Henry the Gang of Jimmy Cherisier alias Barbecue I think it is time for the Haitian people to start asking is Jimmy Cherisier and G-9 a gang or a political force in Haiti? more »

How easy would it be for president martelly to campaign should he run for president after the death of Jovenel Moise?

Haiti President Martelly and Candidate Jovenel Moise All throughout the presidency of Jovenel Moise, former president Michel Martelly has always been a target of the opposition for fear that if he comes back as a candidate he would be a force to be reckoned with. But now that president Jovenel is dead by assassination, how easy do you think it would be for president martelly to campaign, should he decide to run for president after the death of Jovenel Moise? more »

Kidnappings in Haiti Rose nearly 300% since July after president jovenel Moise died.

Rest In Peace President Jovenel Moise - Haiti Shall Never Forget You The opposition in Haiti said Jovenel Moise was the problem. If this is so why is CNN reporting that kidnapping rose three fold in Haiti since the death of the president on July 7th? more »

Port-Au-Prince Haiti : Insecurity, kidnapping and trash is what represents the administration of Prime Minister Ariel Henry

Haiti prime minister Ariel Henry Ever since Ariel Henry became prime minister of Haiti, the three most popular things his administration is known for are insecurity, kidnapping and trash everywhere in the Haitian capital. more »

The Biden of administration has abandoned Haiti, Florida Rep. Maria Salazar said

Florida state representative Maria Salazar represents a big part of the Haitian diaspora in South Florida For months, the Biden Administration has enforced selective border policies and has shown great hypocrisy in the treatment of our Haitian brothers and sisters, Florida state representative Maria Salazar said in regards to the way Joe Biden is treating Haitians and Afro-Cuban immigrants compared to the others. more »

A new term in Haiti: Political Entrepreneurs

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog I was tuning to Haiti news this morning on social media and I heard one of your social media journalists refer to Haitian politicians as political entrepreneurs. Lol... He is so right. Isn't that what they really are? more »

Home of Fanmi Lavalas' Pasha Vorbe attacked by armed bandits Sunday

Fanmi Lavalas Logo Haitian political party Fanmi Lavalas is complaining because armed bandits attacked the home of Pasha Vorbe, one of the top leaders. more »

Haitian president goes to SOGENER Country, a visit to Varreux Power Plant (Photos)

Haiti Electricity - President Jovenel Moise visits Varreux Power Plant Haitian president Jovenel Moise paid a visit to Varreux power plant Monday, once under the control of Dimitri Vorbe and his company SOGENER. more »

President Jovenel Moise sends special Holiday Message the the People of Haiti (VIDEO)

President Jovenel Moise Sends a message of Unity during the 2019 holiday season Haiti President Jovenel Moise sent a special message the people of Haiti for the holiday season, a message of unity and togetherness so we can move forward. more »