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PHOTO: Haiti President Martelly Goes out to VOTE Election-Day Oct 25

Haiti Jou Election - President Martelly Soti Ale Vote, La Presse Anvayi li... Haiti Elections Update -- Haiti President Michel Martelly goes out to vote sunday, 25 October 2015, accompanied by his wife, First Lady Sophia Martelly... more »

Haiti Politique - Desras Dieuseul di LAVI President Martelly ka fini tankou Vilbrun Guillaume Sam, NOTEZ: Yo te assasine misye!

Haiti - President Martelly ak Dieuseul Simon Desras, President Chanm Sena-a Tande sa... Senatè Candidat a la Presidence Desras Simon Dieuseul ap mande Bondye lanmò pou President Michel Martelly... Desras di: "Mwen konseye pouvwa Ekzekitif la evite dlo nan je ki gen DIFE ak SAN... Ceci, pou anpeche President Martelly pa soufi men sort ak Vilbrun Guillaume Sam." more »

Haiti - President Martelly Heavily Criticized for Meeting Danilo Medina on Dominican Territory

President Martelly and Danilo Medina Haiti-Dominican Crisis Update -- Haiti President Michel Martelly is on the HOT SEAT today... Martelly is being criticized heavily by the Haitian Media for, first, requesting a meeting with Dominican President Danilo Medina AND then holding that meeting on Dominican territory in order to discuss a decision that Haiti made to block the entry of 23 Dominican products through the border... more »

FLASH: Haiti President Martelly Meeting with Danilo Medina in Barahona

PHOTO: President Martelly Rencontre Danilo Medina a Barahona DR Haiti-Dominican Politics update -- President Michel Martelly has just posted a photo of him in a meeting with Dominican president Danilo Medina in Barahona, Dominican Republic... For a bilateral meeting, they say... more »

Haiti - President Martelly: I WILL Leave Office on 07 February 2016, Time to Reset the Clock

President Martelly Ki ap Kondi Haiti Politics - President Michel Martelly who took office from former President Rene Preval on 14 May 2011 announced he will leave office on 07 Fevrier 2016, the date that is set by the Haitian Constitution... more »

Haiti Politique - Sauveur Pierre Etienne compare FIN Martelly ak 2 ancien president ki te mouri EKZEKITE avan FIN Mandat yo

Sauveur Pierre Etienne - OPL 2 Haitien an nou pale... Canditat a la presidence Sauveur Pierre Etienne di sou antenne radio Scoop FM "Ou wè Michel Martelly? M pa ta renmen misye fini tankou ni Vilbrun Guillaume Sam, ni Sylvain Salnave!" Haitien, NOTEZ BIEN... 2 presidents sa yo, pep la te linche yonn ladan yo apre opposition an te rantre pran li andedan Ambasade La France la, lòt la te juger, condamné à mort puis exécuté sur le champ... Ki mesaj Sauveur Pierre Etienne ap fe pase laa??? more »

SCOOP: Haiti Elections - Martelly Tries to Unify BOUCLIER and PHTK behind ONE Presidential Candidate

President Michel Martelly - PHTK vs BOUCLIER Haiti Elections Update -- President Michel Martelly made a very BOLD attempt Thursday to unify Political platform Bouclier and PHTK behind a single presidential candidate for the first round or the presidential elections, Radio Scoop FM reports... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Rotchild Francois Jr Resigns from his post as Minister of Communication

Rotchild Francois Jr. Breaking News... Haiti Communications Minister Rotchild Francois Jr has just resigned from his post following the constant disrespect he received from President Michel Martelly the past couple of weeks... more »

Haiti - FUSION Political Party Walks Out of Martelly-Paul Government

Edmonde Supplice Beauzile FUSION Haiti political party FUSION des Sociaux Democrates made it public that its members will resign and walk away from their posts in the Martelly-Paul Government by the end of the week... Resignation letters are expected for Victor Benoit, ministres des affaires sociales, and Yverose Morquette, Ministre à la condition féminine, both members of FUSION... more »

Haiti Elections - President Martelly has the Right to Support the Candidate of his Choice, Minister said

President Martelly ap fe kanpay pou PHTK Haiti Elections Update -- President Michel Martelly is well within his rights to use the logistics of his position as head of state during his travels and he is free to support the candidate of his choice, says Jean-Jean Fritz Louis, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister and responsible for electoral matters... more »