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FLASH: Haiti Elections - Martelly calls Emergency Meeting with CEP regarding 2nd Round Presidential

Pierre Louis Opont ak President Michel Martelly Haiti Elections Update - President Michel Martelly has called for an emergency meeting with the Electoral Council (CEP) regarding 2nd round presidential immediately following a letter he received from the council regarding the impossibility to hold elections on 17 January 2016... more »

FLASH: Haiti - President Martelly di 7 Fevrier Gaz Kole, Prezidan an Pwale, Atis la ap Retounen

President Martelly Ki ap Kondi Haiti - President Michel Martelly redi-l anko nan yon deklarasyon ke le 7 Fevrier 2016, gaz kole, l ap kit epouvwa a, prezidan an pwal fè wout li, atis Sweet Micky ap retounen... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Martelly Announces Creation of Commission to Evaluate Elections

President Michel Martelly looks tired Haiti Elections Update -- President Michel Martelly had just published an "Arrêté Présidentiel" creating the commission to evaluate the electoral process following a letter sent by Prime Minister Evans Paul advising on the necessity for such a commission... more »

Haiti Elections - Evans Paul asks President Martelly to create Electoral Commission ASAP

PM Evans Paul and CEP Opont Caricature Haiti Elections Update -- Prime Minister Evans Paul sent a letter to President Martelly recommending that the president creates an Electoral Commission to "guarantee the credibility of the electoral process..." more »

Haiti Elections - Steven Benoit says: Evans Paul will Stay in Power after 07 Fevrier and Wait for the Next President But Martelly has to Leave

Haiti Elections 2015 - Steven Benoit - Candidate for President Haiti Elections Update - In an interview to radio Magic 9 Wednesday, Candidate for president and G8 member Steven Benoit said Evans Paul will have to remain as prime minister for one month past 07 February and wait for the swearing in of the next president because Martelly has to leave office on that day... more »

Haiti : Fact or Rumor? Martelly Called Jude Celestin to Congratulate him for making it to Round 2 with Jovenel Moise

President Michel Martelly,  Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- An article from Le Nouveliste suggest President Michel Martelly may have called candidate Jude Celestin to congratulate him for making it to the 2nd round following the release of the definitive elections results... more »

Haiti - Mirlande Manigat Fache, li di TOUT Kote Martelly Pase JOVENEL li anba bra li...

Mirlande Manigat, Jovenel Moise, President Michel Martelly Tande Sa... Madame Mirlande Manigat gen yon GWO problem ak Jovenel Moise ki TOUT TAN, TOUPATOU, ak President Martelly... Mandan Manigat di: "Menm hier, mwen sezi, li pwal exprime kondoleyans li, Jovenel anba bra li, l al nan Ambassade de France Jovenel anba bra li comme si il etait deja le president officiellement elu? Ca ne se fait pas! Ca ne se fait pas!" more »

Haiti - Did President Martelly really provide Jovenel Moise with a 'Presidential Motorcade?'

Haiti President Martelly, Jovenel Moise, Jean Monard Metellus Haiti Politics - Saturday on Radio Caraibes' Ranmasse, Jean Monard Metellus says he heard President Michel Martelly has provided candidate Jovenel Moise with an 'extraordinary motorcade' to go about the country, "it is truly a presidential motorcade," Jean Monard said... He thinks the Media should investigate... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Presidential candidates Sauveur, Steven, Henry Ceant Cry MASSIVE PHTK FRAUD

Candidat Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Steven Benoit, Jean-Henry Ceant Breaking news... Radio SCOOP FM is overheated today, Tuesday, Steven Benoit, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Jean-Henry Ceant, all candidates for president are speaking of this GIANT PLOT carefully plotted by PHTK to make sure Jovenel Moise wins... more »

PHOTO: Haiti President Martelly Goes out to VOTE Election-Day Oct 25

Haiti Jou Election - President Martelly Soti Ale Vote, La Presse Anvayi li... Haiti Elections Update -- Haiti President Michel Martelly goes out to vote sunday, 25 October 2015, accompanied by his wife, First Lady Sophia Martelly... more »