President Martelly

Haiti Politics - The Haitian Opposition just found a new angle to protest: Martelly and the Carnaval

Ever since the "Budget Criminel" that triggered major mobilizations against President Jovenel Moise, anti government protests slowed down until now... Opposition leaders may have found a new angle to protest against President Jovenel: Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly and the 2018 Haitian Carnival.

Haiti Politics - Carnaval 2018 was a fight between LAVALAS and TET KALE

There was a clear battle during the Haitian Carnaval 2018 between the LAVALAS and the Tet Kale (PHTK) political party, according to Haitian Journalist Louco Desir...

Haiti :: Martelly Vs Preval - Who was a Better President?

I your opinion, who was a better Haitian president, Michel Martelly or Rene Preval?

Haiti SHOULD've had a new Elected President on Saturday May 14th BUT...

When President Michel Martelly left offiice, Jocelerme Privert took over as Interim President with the specific task of organizing elections so that on Saturday May 14th a new ELECTED president would take office... It didn't happen that way... Now what???

Haiti - Serge Simon accuses Martelly administration of recklessly misusing public funds

Haiti transition update - Serge Simeon, national palace spokesperson under President Privert, has accused the former Martelly administration of recklessly misusing public funds...

FLASH: Haiti - Senator Andris Riche asks Privert to EXIT as did Martelly, step down on May 14

Haiti Transition Update -- Senator Andris Riche believe interim President Jocelerme Privert must step down and return the presidential sash to parliament the same way president Michel Martelly had to hand it over to Privert himself on 07 Feb 2016...

Haiti - President Michel Martelly EKRI President Jocelerme Privert, Men Kopi Lettre la

Haiti - President Michel Martelly ekri yon lettre bay president Provisoire Jocelerme Privert jounen 15 Avril 2016 la pou di l de twa pawòl sou accord yo te siyen ansanm lan... Men copie lettre la... Bonne Lecture!!!

Haiti - Jean Monard Metellus di: Si se pou mwen, Martelly tap soti nan pot deye Palais National

Tande sa... Haiti - Jean Monard Metellus di sou antenne Radio Caraibes FM: "Si se pou mwen Martelly se yon neg se cheche ou tap cheche li nan palais ou pa jwenn li, se pa pot deye pou li ta kite..."

Haiti - 30 Years after Duvalier Left without a succesor, Another Leader, Martelly, Leaves without a Successor

Read this from the New York Times: Thirty years to the day after Haiti's last dictator fled the impoverished nation as it took its first wobbly steps toward democracy, another leader stepped down Sunday, without a successor to take his place.

VIDEO: Haiti - Ex President Michel Martelly MACHE nan Lari Port-au-Prince rantre lakay li, Anpil MOUN...

Gade video saa.. Haiti - Ancien President Michel Martelly ki ap MACHE a pied nan Lari Port-au-Prince pou li ale lakay li jounen Dimanche 07 Fevrier 2016 la apre li te remèt pouvwa... Anpil moun te akonpaye li ap chante "Martelly, Haiti bezwen w"...