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FLASH: Haiti President Martelly Leaving the Country at midnight tonight, Depute Danton Leger Says

President Michel Martelly looks tired Ex Leogane Depute Danton Leger says President Michel Martelly is leaving the country at midnight tonight; in other words, Martelly is going into exile... Danton Lerger says an airplane is already en route to pick up president martelly... more »

Haiti - Aristide to REPLACE Michel Martelly as President for 2 years, LAVALAS is Suggesting it

President Aristide, President Martelly Haiti - LAVALAS says: "Aristide for 2 years after Martelly..." My fellow Haitians, This may sound like a JOKE but it's not... LAVALAS is creating a buzz in the streetsThursday suggesting that ex-president Jean Bertrand Aristide REPLACE Michel Martelly as a President Provisoire... more »

Haiti Transition - PM Evans Paul was supposed to Resign Saturday 30 Jan

PM Evans Paul and CEP Opont Caricature Haiti Transition 2016 Update -- According what is being discussed between President Michel Martelly and the presidents of the two branches of Parliament, Jocelerme Privert and Cholzer Chancy , Prime Minister Evans Paul was supposed to resign on Saturday 30 January 2016... more »

Haiti Transition 2016 - Michel Martelly can't lead Haiti's transition, Read This...

Haiti Caricature - President Martelly, Bonm 12 Janvier a pwal Eksploze... One week before a new president was supposed to take office, Haiti lies in a state of suspended animation. The presidential runoff election has been postponed. The way forward is uncertain. But one thing is clear: President Michel Martelly must step down when his term expires on Feb. 7. more »

Haiti Politics - Senator Delacruz NOT Happy Martelly Wants to Stay in Power past 07 Fevrier

Haiti Senateur Francisco de la Cruz Haiti Politics Update -- Senator Francisco de la Cruz is not very happy to hear that President Michel Martelly intends to stay in power after 07 Fevrier when his term expires... more »

Haiti Elections - Martelly wants to patch up the CEP 11 Days before his Term Expires

Haiti President Martelly in thinking mode Haiti Elections Update -- 11 days of the end of his constitutional term, President Michel Martelly seeks to reconstitute the Electoral Council (CEP)... Martelly has already contacted the sectors to replace Pierre Manigat Jr, Vijonet Déméro, Jaccéus Joseph et Ricardo Augustin, 4 CEP members who resigned recently... more »

FLASH: Haiti PM Evans Paul says Martelly Determined to Leave 07 Fevrier

Haiti President Martelly and Prime Minister Evans Paul Haiti Politics Update -- Prime Minister Evans Paul says President Martelly is dertermined to leave office on 07 Fevrier 2016... It is clear, Evans Paul says, that there wont be any elections before president Michel Martelly leaves office; It is likely that an interim government will take over to continue with the election process... more »

Haiti - Martelly has until this Afternoon to Back Out of Elections, Mathias Pierre said

Haiti Elections 2015 - Mathias Pierre - Moise Jean Charles Haiti Elections Protest -- President Michel Martelly has until this Friday afternoon to BACK OUT of the Sunday Elections, says Mathias Pierre, former candidate for president and spokes person for Platfom Pitit Dessalin... more »

AUDIO: Haiti - President Martelly HOT Interview on Radio Metropole 21 January 2016, Listen...

President Martelly On Radio-Tele Metropole Le Point Listen to this AUDIO... Haiti - President Michel Martelly spoke about the upcoming presidential elections and MUCH MORE in a interview he gave to Radio and Tele Metropole Thursday 21 January 2016, Listen what he said... more »

Haiti Elections - Martelly reiterates Election Day is a GO for 24 Janvier

President Michel Martelly,  Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- President Michel Martelly reminds the population that Election Day is a GO for 24 Janvier... The elections will go on as scheduled on Sunday 24 Jan 2016 Martelly said in a an interview on Radio Metropole ... more »