Is There Enough Technology In Haiti Now To Shrink Wait Time On Election Results?

The Election is now over in Haiti but the Haitian people have to wait until March 31st for preliminary results and April 16 for final results. So I have one question...

Haiti after the elections

Do you think there exists enough technology in Haiti right now that CAN cut down the wait time of election results?

Support your argument with scenarios that can be implemented in Haiti RIGHT NOW that would allow for credible election results within DAYS instead of WEEKS or MONTHS.

The question again is...

Is there enough technology in Haiti right now that can shrink the wait time on election results?

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Haiti Election 2014 - La Marche Ver Les Election  

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Wapsuiv says...

Tyrell i see what you mean clearly.

I agree that the salary of officers will have to come into play. I was just thinking of patriotism, and miss that important aspect.

Clearly officers will have to be properly compensated - 600, 900 or 1200 depending on rank.

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Tyrell Aime says...

I agree with your comment but i must add....One of the bigggest problem that have faced Haiti is corruption withing its police force which is greatly due to officers not making enough money to take care of themselves and families.

Inflation is at a very high level in Haiti..cost of food, clothing (even if one buys second hand), shelter, descent medical care etc..

and $300 per month will just be enough to keep many of those officers out everyday stopping traffic and pressuring people for money which is something that i live through almost everyday during my time while driving in Haiti.

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Richelle says...

Good job Toussaint, You are one of few well educated haitian that know exactly what are you talking about.

If you had water in your brain, your comment would not sound that good.This is why I believe you are well educated[haitian].I'm thrill when I see my haitian people think things the way things are, when its come to Haiti's outsiders.But its kill me when I see some stupid haitian just talk and have their fingers hit the keyboard with no idea. Whatsoever no idea and think they are the one that

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Toussaint says...


Please, stop your marginalization of my Haitian people! We have enough outsiders doing that and we certainly do not need one of our own contributing to it. This has nothing to do with Haitians having lack of characters, values, dignity etc. It's a matter of a broken system.

The authorities in Haiti are more concern with stealing the country's money then enforcing the laws of the country.

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Sakpasesexy says...


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Josy says...

The first step will be to change our mentality, and teach civic/morale at a very young age. Second step you must pay living wages to police, army, and security staff so they do not become corrupted with bribes.

You can then start to work on modernizing the election process, and have to teach Haitians how to behave in a civilized manner.

They must learn that you do not have to kill your opponents, and can shake their hands at the end of a debate.

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Jacques L says...

Having worked as a precinct captain in my county in Georgia, your questions sounds innocent enough, but the reality is drastically different.

If you notice in the US, all close elections take weeks to certify.

The issue is not technology, but the registered voters: You can't turn away someone because their stuff "looks" off, but it takes time to validate information.

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Will Smith says...

Brazil had offered to speed up elections tallies, but the Haitian authorities(CEP) declined the offer.

Their system got tested in Haiti and it worked just fine. With that said, we could get our elections results in couple of days. In many cases, we could get the results the next

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David Grant says...

Your question is hypothetical.

If there were the existence of such a thechonoligy in Haiti, it would have been put in place to minimize the length of time it takes to count those ballots.The present process proves it lack thereof.And this is where lies the opportunity for for fraud.

Technology is always evolving, and there is no reason to think that a computer scientist cannot come up with a creative idea that would simplify the counting of ballot.

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Garry Destin says...

Waiting for what?

Votes already counted then what, more

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