Having worked as a precinct captain in my county in Georgia...

Jacques L - March 21 2011, 3:03 PM

Having worked as a precinct captain in my county in Georgia, your questions sounds innocent enough, but the reality is drastically different.

If you notice in the US, all close elections take weeks to certify.

The issue is not technology, but the registered voters: You can't turn away someone because their stuff "looks" off, but it takes time to validate information.

Then, you have people that go vote in the WRONG district! What about those that changed address but the change didn't get to the system by elections?

Misspelled names, etc...?

There are so many things that have to be validated at the office.

In a country like ours that lacks so much structure, It's difficult to get it right even with people with the best intentions.

Then, now you have to deal with fraud, incompetence, and plain old stupidity(all of which occurs in US)!

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