Your question is hypothetical. If there were the existence of...

David Grant - March 21 2011, 2:29 PM

Your question is hypothetical.

If there were the existence of such a thechonoligy in Haiti, it would have been put in place to minimize the length of time it takes to count those ballots.The present process proves it lack thereof.And this is where lies the opportunity for for fraud.

Technology is always evolving, and there is no reason to think that a computer scientist cannot come up with a creative idea that would simplify the counting of ballot.

The process should be thus: A computer should be in the booth, along with a scanner.

After placing the X near the symbol of the candidate one is voting for, the scanner should be used to register the vote electronically, and the ballot dropped in the box.
By so doing, the vote and the candidate whom is voted for is counted and sent to the data bank; thus, after the election is over, the computer can easily tell the amount of vote cast and for whom.
Then a manual count can be done just for verification.

The announcement of who wins or who loses can be done in a jiffy, even before the manual count is completed.

To all concerns, this will be one less headache.


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