Josy, Please, stop your marginalization of my Haitian people...

Toussaint - March 22 2011, 10:40 AM


Please, stop your marginalization of my Haitian people! We have enough outsiders doing that and we certainly do not need one of our own contributing to it. This has nothing to do with Haitians having lack of characters, values, dignity etc. It's a matter of a broken system.

The authorities in Haiti are more concern with stealing the country's money then enforcing the laws of the country.

Do you see Haitians living abroad behave in such a way?

No, of course not! Why?

Because they know if they do, they would have to face the authorities of the country they are residing in.
It's plain and simple.

It's human nature for people to continue to do bad things as long they can get away with it.

Now, as far as the new Haitian president is concerned, I must say that I'm very puzzled as to whom would make a better president for Haiti at this crucial moment of our country.

I like Mrs. Manigat's academic credentials, and experiences in politics, however, though she seems a lot more educated and articulated, her demeanor reminders of Preval.

She was also very vague when conveying her programs for the country during the debates and her campaign speeches.

I didn't think she clarified how she was going to attain them like Michel did. I think Michel was more persuasive and straight-forward with his plans/programs for the country and how he was going to fund and achieve them. Especially, when he spoke about decentralization, agriculture and tourism.

We need someone who will not take any command from the U.S., France, and Canada as they are nothing but pretenders.

Their agenda is and always will be to keep Haiti impoverished.

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The first step will be to change our mentality, and...

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