Who are those degenerate couple you are talking about? I hope...

Carl Henry Dietz - January 11 2012, 11:04 PM

Who are those degenerate couple you are talking about?

I hope you are not referring to Bernadette.

She has been one of our most loyal bloggers.

We are also know that she is educated and most likely to have a good life. You seem to have a problem with it and try to reduce her to your level.

I can see very clearly at what level your are at, not too far from the gutters.

You claimed to have expertise with computers, now I am not asking you to hack up her computer but you can use social network and believe me, she has a much better time at life than you do. You are beneath her. Stop your fronting.

Yes, FRONTING slang for people like you, I am sure you will get the meaning.

Stop bringing us down with your lavalassien and Aristidian tactics.

There is nothing wrong of wanting an American middle class lifestyle.

Haiti must want more, we must strive for a better living standard.

With your way of thinking, we will go nowhere.

We must think progressively in order to move progressively.

Your lavalassien keep us down crap will no longer work for us. We want MORE.

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