Why the High Diplomats are byocotts the ceremony at the paliarment 1/9/12?

Monel - January 12 2012, 1:41 AM

The diplomats like: United states, French and Canada even Mario Fernandez the united nations nearby represent wasn't took part at the ceremony, and Martely in his speech mentioned all diplomat 's names .The Martely communication's office wasn't sent the invitation on time or not.or the diplomats are some reasons to not participated,.

But the question people could ask, why they did that in collectives.

if they have some problems with Martely government don't hide anything, let the Haitian people know about it. because we not gonna pay the inconsequence of Martely government diplomacy false.

Source of a member of CLUB DE MADRID who won't to mention his name related by journal LE MONDE, the diplomats are mad about Martely flip-flops behavior who promised the CLUB DE MADRID he gonna sent the amended constitution at the official's journal The MONITOR, that martely no has any intention to do.
The us ambassador Kenneth M. said people have to respect his engagement, when you heard a diplomat said something like that, martely not supposed to play, in diplomacy any word count.I'm so scared for Haiti future, because people who lead this country shown they have any sense out responsibility.

showbiz only.

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