Carl, i agree with one thing of your answer to Agent-x...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 12 2012, 12:21 PM

Carl, i agree with one thing of your answer to Agent-x.
Haitians need more, more until they are satisfy.

God will give all the options to Haitians.

Haitians need to think big, we need to search for all the options.

There is no such thing be poor and stay poor.
We need to focus strait to God for the options.

Haiti is a very rich country.

The people need to use their options.

I hope you understand.

Lavalas is connected with the forces of darkness, therefore nothing good can generates from them.

I see Haiti 15 years ahead.

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Who are those degenerate couple you are talking...


Agent-x,Refresh Your Input

Agent-x,this is to keep you busy from thinking about Aristide. I hope this could keep you thinking for a few...

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Jean Pierre, Lavalasse is pure evil. It is connected...

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