Who cares? We hope they blocked you more often, if we are...

Concern Citizen - January 11 2012, 10:08 PM

Who cares?

We hope they blocked you more often, if we are lucky you will be blocked permanently.

You monopolized the site with your own garbage.

We have just about enough of you. A little bit of attention got to your head. Now, you even call yourself Emperor.

Emperor of what?

Just because Aristide is feeding you crumbs don't make you king. By the way, we don't like the way you talked about our bloggers here. The more people we have the better.

If you don't like certain bloggers, all you have to do is to not talk or answer them back. Using a public forum comes with certain responsibilities and rules of which you are not observing.

This site is not your private living room, be mindful of that. WE real Haitians would like to move forward.

Part of moving forward is observing rules and regulations of common courtesies.

This site is not your private domain.

Go open your own site with HostPapi.com. and leave us alone.

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