The snow storm in Alaska probably will not affect much the...

Agent-x - January 11 2012, 7:46 PM

The snow storm in Alaska probably will not affect much the homeless.

During the last few thousand years, human brain develop qualitatively and quantitatively.

Now the plasticity of the human brain allows us to face and solve the most extraordinary challenge we are facing.

In indesinent and hostile environment such as in Alaska where the Eskimos learn how to build ice house aka iglo.

Every rule has exception.

For example, Michel Martelly despite the gargantuan monies he received because of the January 12th 2010 earthquake [monies is so big they have to weight them on scale because it would take over 25 military divisions to count the money by hand] despite the absence of hostility from Washington, despite the absence of vicious embargo, despite of his friendly relations with Ottawa and the Elysee, he is still unable to solve the tent cities problem.

Aristide who faced so much hostility from the Real Axis of Evil was able to accomplish far more with a few hundred than Martelly with the billions at his disposal.

BTW I heard the looting by his counselors is getting so bad, they just imported 26 wheels trailers to loot the Haitian coffers as soon as possible.

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Agent-x,you are the guy with a complex brain to...


Agent-x,Refresh Your Input

Agent-x,this is to keep you busy from thinking about Aristide. I hope this could keep you thinking for a few...

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