You are the one that sound like a desperate looser, despite...

Richelle - April 24 2011, 2:04 PM

You are the one that sound like a desperate looser, despite your hypothetical dream to become a millionaire at age 35. Firts of all, whos in the right mind would leave america or anywhere.

To go haiti live or doing business the way haiti is at this time. Secondly nobody have to live in haiti to see things are not easy ok we get that.You think haitian want to stay oversea hell no.The situation such as;kidnaping, assassination,scare same haitian I'm one of them to go help our beloved haiti.

So do not assume haitian who lives overseas are a bunch of looser.Yes we give the white our energy relunctantly.

As a result of people like you, waiting for us to come for you to make your fortune by kidnap us.The minute we get off the airplane in haiti we have to look over our shoulder till the day we get AA back to wherever.I'm in my early thirty I came here at a very yong age start working since I was in high school and still working.2006,I was in my late twenty and decided to open a businsess in haiti because at the time I think nowhere else better than home. People very close to me who knows my families steal my stuffs send voodoo.Say I'm to young to progress like that, while they have no idea how much energy I give the white, to have what I have. Sinced then I refuse to think about doing anything in haiti except visite my families.

however still want to go back home when I get old.You say some stuff from all the trash in your comment that is true."Michel can not fix haiti by himself, those under tant have to move to a decent place, return of army force in haiti is nacessary to force those kids stay in school".Apre sa se kk wap grenin sou blog la.What kind the job do you have in haiti to become a millionaire at age 35.Even maybe you from a very rich family still not possible.

Those people you see that become millionaire that was not happen over night.They work very hard and manage their money very well. My inference from your comment you are one of the:singlindor, kindnaper,raketer, frekan,assassin, figi dure think haitians oversea are bunch of looser.

We want to comeback but you need to be in jail before we do that, we will not have no more fear.

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Excuse me! I'm living in Ayiti let me tell you thing...

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