Next time, think about choosing another place in Haiti to...

Toulimen Legrand - April 24 2011, 8:41 PM

Next time, think about choosing another place in Haiti to invest and you will make your dream come true. If it were in another area in Haiti instead of your hometown, people would be happy to see you achieve your economic dreams by investing in your country.

I know that you love your family and you may not want to live far from them but this is a wise advice because Jesus states this: "No Messiah or Prophet can be honored in his own land or hometown...Nul prophete n'est honore dans sa propre patrie." You must take some risks some time by exploring a new city or department a little bit far from your hometown if you want to achieve any economic dreams.

People are too jealous and especially if you were born and raised in that same hometown with them so they will never want you to achieve anything in life. Some of the old friends are hypocrits and traitors too. They talk to you with their mouth but not from their heart and they are also the ones calling others to destroy your own investments and sometimes they can ask for your death too. Please explore a new city and a new department next time in Haiti if you want to retire in Haiti.

The new friends in any new city in Haiti will welcome and protect your investment as well. Don't be discouraged at all! I am with you and I praise your desire to invest in your country.

May the Almighty One watch over you and bless you as well! Toulimen...Kenbe la fem!

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You are the one that sound like a desperate...

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