Excuse me! I'm living in Ayiti let me tell you thing are not...

Onormil - April 23 2011, 3:50 PM

Excuse me! I'm living in Ayiti let me tell you thing are not easy like it sound first to much money to move the capital second what we need is moving those people out of tant
Rd is restore the army for what!?

Let me tell you the army force is the best way for education and reconstruction etc hun! Howcome?

Come in Ayiti to see those kids in the street I bet you take them and put them in a place to give them education they will not stay because yo abitye ak laria, its to tell you put them in the army force and give them education they will stay because they love violence this is the only way to take those kids out the street you guys you think they gonna sit in a school you dead wong they love when you do violence on them so the army will force them to learn something and have a degree! I see you sit in front of your computer and blabla! Hun! Come back in Ayiti cuz we have a lot of work to do. People who are smart always use what they know to develop and make money let me help you where you work just write a liltle proposal take those employment come in haiti with them and start the same business your boss do it will be better because you know it well than him, its like that you see there is microsoft and Dell Dell was working with Mr Bill Guets the same with chevy and ford so do the same as they do ok like that haiti will be develop the president Martelly can't do everything himself do the first step. I see you're a bunch of loosers tounen nan peyi nou vin mete fos nou sispan bay blan an tou fos nou la bon pou nou I'm 22 years old at 35 years I'm gonna be a millionaire I know you Haitian laugh me but whatever I will, take this if you want it will be good for you and for the country if you really love Ayiti and I hate when you say Haiti the meaning is hating looser.

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