New Temporary parliament building in Haiti

Did you know? The Haitian Parliament building (Palais Legislatif) was completely destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake... Yesterday, Aug 20 2011, a new prefabricated structure was installed to house all the Haitian lawmakers elected in November elections.

Collapsed Haitian Parliament Building - Palais Legislatif

Do you live in Haiti? Send me a picture!

The cost to build it?

$700,000 U.S.!!!

"The structure will allow the 129 newly elected deputies to gather indoors until the construction of more permanent facilities," AFP reports


If it cost $700,000 to build just one a temporary structure in Haiti, how much do you think it will cost JUST to rebuild permanent earthquake-resistant government buildings?

My suggestion....

Move the Haitian capital to Hinche!

We are in the heart of Haiti, we are earthquake-proof, we are hurricane-proof, AND we are flood proof!

USGPN - Haiti Police   Haiti Manifestation - CIMO bloke wout manifestan yo -  28 Avril 2014   Marie de Delmas, Port-au-Prince, Haiti   Haiti Palais Nationale - 2 Men Nan Tet   Palais Aux 365 Portes, Palais de la Belle Rivière - Haiti   Haiti Railroads - Urban Rail Way, Haiti 1876   Haiti Railroads - Urban Rail Way, Haiti 1876   Collapsed Haitian Parliament Building - Palais Legislatif  

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Toulimen Legrand says...

Next time, think about choosing another place in Haiti to invest and you will make your dream come true. If it were in another area in Haiti instead of your hometown, people would be happy to see you achieve your economic dreams by investing in your country.

I know that you love your family and you may not want to live far from them but this is a wise advice because Jesus states this: "No Messiah or Prophet can be honored in his own land or hometown...Nul prophete n'est honore dans sa propre patrie." You must take some risks some time by exploring a new city or department a little bit far from your hometown if you want to achieve any economic dreams.

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Richelle says...

You are the one that sound like a desperate looser, despite your hypothetical dream to become a millionaire at age 35. Firts of all, whos in the right mind would leave america or anywhere.

To go haiti live or doing business the way haiti is at this time. Secondly nobody have to live in haiti to see things are not easy ok we get that.You think haitian want to stay oversea hell no.The situation such as;kidnaping, assassination,scare same haitian I'm one of them to go help our beloved haiti.

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Toulimen Legrand says...

Who do you think you are fooling?

The blog's contents have been blocked per Mevz's request, the internet investor in Haiti.

And you are pretending living in Haiti to fool people here. This is a CIA appointed blog under a Haitian owner's name. I will not let you fool people here! Blog sa pa retransmet an Ayiti e pakite espyon djol bokye sousou meriken kap vini tronpe nou

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Onormil says...

Excuse me! I'm living in Ayiti let me tell you thing are not easy like it sound first to much money to move the capital second what we need is moving those people out of tant
Rd is restore the army for what!?

Let me tell you the army force is the best way for education and reconstruction etc hun! Howcome?

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Harold Fleurine says...

I think the next parleiment will be built stronger and bigger for the future.

I hope any new buildings in haiti look stronger

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Marleine says...

Well as long the building can be use for something once a permanent property has been build..

Unfortunatly it is the cost for buildings properties and health and safety for employees are priorities.

Having the capital move somewhere else is not a bad idea but once again it is up to the gorverment to determine if such move is beneficial for the

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Patricia says...

I will say move it back to Cap Haitian.

As it was years before we need to thing outside the box, for those who used to travel in the car or bus from PAP to Cap Haitian did you ever look at the beauty?

of"pil-boro".We can do it if we put our head together, in the end of this year they are going to start working on a new international airport I said let do it.God bless

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Nou Mele says...

too much money to waste in temp. blding please think to the people living under the

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Nou Mele says...

too much money to waste in temp. blding please think to the people living under the

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Jacques L says...

It is what it is! Unfortunately, we think in terms of personal housing and needs.

The government has to think beyond individuals.

They need space for offices, staff, visitors (local AND foreign).

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