Tell 'em Tiba! The official language of Haiti should be...

Wapsuiv - March 23 2011, 6:58 AM

Tell 'em Tiba!

The official language of Haiti should be Creole.

You do not see the chinese speaking one language in the streets and another in school.

The Jewish people do not read one language and speak another.

But Haitians try to speak French while they think in Creole.

I have nothing against us Haitians learning French or Chinese or Hebrew, but the official language of the country should be Creole.


What makes someone superior is not the the languages or diplomas they hold, but how inferior they act and do in helping their sisters and brothers in need. To be superior to the people, you must become inferior in serving them. To be a superior leader, you must be the people's servant; not in words but in deeds.

Michel Martelly will be the next President of Haiti because of his intelligence and capability to connect to a hurting generation, and not because of this and that; but because he served the people his love in their time and hour of needs.

His passion for Haiti can not be questioned as a true patriot.

Where were these intellectuals when the people's had flies eating their wounds.

Where were these Prevals, these Manigats, These Aristides, These Duvaliers when Haitian were swimming in mud and breathing in dead bodies.

Where were these School experts when Haitian children were crying to go to scholl and could not?

Nobody knows.

But ask them where Michel Martelly was and they will tell you. Michel is world phenomenon and history will judge him so, no matter what is said on this screen.

Michel is a revolution in politics and the youth of the world is watching.

They stayed busy with what was coming out of Micky's ass, but they never paid attention to what was coming out of the Haitian politicians' and intellectuals's minds for Haiti, and that was nothing.

At least what was coming out of Micky's ass made us laugh and dance.

They, in the other hand gave us nothing but nightmares.

Michel Martelly was who he was to be who he is. Simple!

What did these elite, intellectuals and rich Haitians do for Haiti before January 12, 2010.


I say yes to education, for it is the key to social advancement.

But i say no to the notion that intellectualism should be used to stay passive as the people suffer, which is exactly what the Haitian intellectuals have done.
To stay quiet when bad men do things is to help them to do bad things.

You are either part of the solution of part of the problem.

During Duvalier's time the intellectuals left Haiti, when they should have fought for the youth's future.

During Aristide's time they were afraid of the gangs.

During Preval's time everyone was waiting for Aristide, and the intellectuals were doing what.

Now that it is Michel's time the intellectuals want to help the Haitian youth, and that is good. Congratulations Michel, you have inspired them.

This is 2011 and it is a new day for the Haitian youth.

We are not waiting for anyone to do it for us with their intellectuality, because we are going to do it ourselves.

En avant Matelli!


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