Edwidge Danticat and Raoul Peck Discuss Haiti Election And...

Roseline Charles - March 23 2011, 7:32 AM

Don't shoot the messengers just yet. People who disagree have to be able to discuss something camly, like these people did. Micky is not the only one who helped his country and he will not be the only one who will continue to help his country.

Every country has a history and a past and a future.

If he is the future, then he will have to find some way to be everyone's president not just yours.

Those who do not know their past are doomed to repeat it. Rather than shoot people down, you all should be rallying to help your candidate if/when he becomes president.

Stereotyping others won't help anymore than stereotying your canditate has helped him. (or maybe it has.) The future of all of Haiti is at stake now. Not just Sweet Micky's. I hope his supporters can see that. And just because some people are not making a show of their devotion to the poor and the youth for political purposes does not mean they're not helping.

Many Haitian intellectuals have quietly educated an entire generation at home and from abraod with money and support of schools.

Demonizing is easy but you have to take as well as you give. And there are young people who also support the other side. Or should I say the other sides.

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