Frankly, this is the most boring and rambling interview that I...

Tiba - March 23 2011, 6:11 AM

Frankly, this is the most boring and rambling interview that I have ever listened to in this 21st century by the so-called Haitian intellectuals.

This is what I have been saying for the longest, "Pale france pa di lespri pou sa." These 2 so-called Haitian brains are stil stuck in their old mentality thinking of the past. Aristide is a thing of the past and Jean-Claude Duvalier is a thing of the past; and Mirlande Manigat is also a thing of the past with old beliefs and an old brain capable to think only of the past.

This is why Haiti is doomed to no good until there is/are young rising leaders capable to talk about Haiti's future and capable to map Haiti's future.

And this is why Haitians need to pick Sweet Micky as their new president.

He is young meaning he is more able to formulate a well plan of Haiti's future.

That was the lowest blow by Danticat to use the comparison "of the supreme judge to Sweet Micky."

And I am frankly sick and tired hearing a bunch of brain dead morons referring to Mirlande Manigat as a "law professor and a former senator" because she is not any of of that.

Mirlande Manigat is the wife of Leslie Manigat, the former famous incompetent and mediocre Haiti's president, who had referred to Haitians as "dog vomit" because they didn't elect him president in 2006. This is the same personified monkey some of the world wants Haitians to elect as their president.

As far as I see it, there is no different between Leslie Manigat, the husband, from Mirlande Manigat, the wife. Electing Mirlande Manigat president is selecting Leslie Manigat, her husband, president.

We all know damn well Leslie Manigat will not accept to be in the back ground and watch his wife indeed in command of anything because his ego and pride will not allow him to sit back with his stinken mouth close and not running the show.

Haitians don't say I did not warn you. If you think you had problem before then wait if Mirlande Manigat and Leslie Manigat get elected president.

Haiti will be the first and the only country on the planet with 2 presidents.

And this for you, Danticat and Perck.

Stop beating on dead horses, leave the past in the past. You need to learn to think about the future of Haiti.

Think about how to get Haiti from this pit to a better place.

Please stop the rambling because because you just proved that politics is not your expertise.

Try not to come across as an expert or a scholar of politics.

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