I will urge to shut up your big mouth and Tiba never said that...

Fanfan - March 3 2011, 12:28 PM

I will urge to shut up your big mouth and Tiba never said that we should elect worst people in Haiti.

Your accusations are baseless and you are an homosexual accusing others who are not homo. You have no culture and no pride and many people know how bad you are as being a gay crakcocaine person.

Michel is an educated person, a singer and the best Haitian entertainer at all times.

He did his best to entertain all Haitians at all levels within the Haitian maistream culture.

He is popular for his songs, performances and for what he stands for. Your vagueless accusations cannot reduce or decrease his popularity.

He has the intellect to lead Haiti and he will be the best President ever for Haiti.

Shame on you moron gay!

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