Bill Clinton remembers what Sweet Micky and FRAPH did to him...

Cpt.d - February 28 2011, 3:48 AM

Bill Clinton remembers what Sweet Micky and FRAPH did to him in 1994. Anyone can read some these info for they are unclassified, open to those who want to know more about the candidate.

Sweet Micky for president of Haiti and Snoop Doogy Dog the famous and popular American rapper for president of the US in 2012. No, its not going to happen in the US only some crazy Haitians will think of such stupid ideas.

Some Haitians are even talking about Barack Obama as if we can compare the two men. Obama is elected for his wit. The man is extremely intelligent with a clean background.

As a Republican soldier I would have voted for MCain, but I voted for Obama based on his intellect, character and talent.

reading Tiba's post one would think that he implies Its time to elect the worst.

We can not and will not elect Sweet Micky.

Its not a secret, we all know that Micky will do anything, I mean anything for mmoney.

Through his interviews he described himself; his life story, his lust fo have sexual intercourse with men such as Kino and Allan, his arrest while visiting a friend who was jailed for drugs, during a yelevised interview he exoposed his selfish attitude toward his wife when the host asked him if his behavior affects his wife, Micky replied " soufri pou soufri, pito se fan'm nan ki soufri.

Micky has been drafted by "specific" groups to run for "president" of Haiti.

knowing that he will not make it besides all the marketing blits and buz made by Ostos & Sola the PR firm who runs his campaign Sweet Micky said that he will go on top of a float and curse those who didn't vote for him. This statement turned off many fans and sposors.

People who were undecided are saying "enough is enough, there is no hope this guy won't change" Million of dollars is been spent to shift the mind set from a dirty Sweet Micky to a polished Martelly, but the trick doesn't bear the expected fruit.

My candidate Baker didn't make it I support Mirlande Manigat the decent and competent old lady. I always keep things simple and clear anyone who read The "occult" crimes of US imperialism, Haiti Info, Vol 4 no 4 14 December 1005 will have a better idea of what is going on today in haiti.

In this article that propel serious debates on Bob Corbett forum.

Over the past two weeks, the complicity and support of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the US embassy, the Pentagon, the US Army and the State Department for those who backed the 1991 coup d'etat and still terrorize the population have been repeatedly exposed.

The most stunning revelation came from Emmanuel Constant on Dec 3, who described on CBS News' 60 Minutes his link to the CIA and his involvement in and forknowledge of the activities of the death squad responsible for hundreds of assassinations, FRAPH (Front pour l'Avancement et le Progres Haitien), which he set up while on the CIA payroll.

These revelations were made a year ago in the Nation but were not really picked up by the mainstream media.

Allan Nairn reported that early on FRAPH received 5,000 to 10,000 sub-machine guns, fragmentation grenades, pistols and revolcers via Miami, Fl in boxex often marked "Police Material: Do Not Open" and addressed to Haitian army officers with CIA and US army connections, despite tthe US naval blockade.

According to reliable source, Toto Constant, friend of Sweet Micky said he decided to talk because "I've been betrayed." He said that the CIA knew of all his activities through FRAPH, but that he was "put on ice" after boasting on 60 Minutes in April, 1994, that he had stood up to Clinton with the USS Harlan County incident.

According to official documents, and video shot during on the occasion, Sweet Micky was entertaining the crowd who went to the dock to prevent the US ship from docking.

While some of the protesters were shoting in the air, Micky lowered his pant chanted anti-US slur. there are a few good books on the matter.

A lot of young people are been fooled, today baby doc is back, the "smart" young people are saying its ok, FRAPH is on hold waiting for re-organized, Would Haitians continue to let people play in their mind, would any Jew accept Hitler and his associates to run for office, unfortunately some ill advised Haitians youth who don't know their history even the most recent one think that we're going to let this fly..

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Cpt.d, Your point is well taken! what kinda books are...

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