Martelly is really a bicultural Haitian for living in both...

Fanfan - March 3 2011, 12:19 PM

Martelly is really a bicultural Haitian for living in both countries for years.

He has visited almost al 50 U.S. states and he has good taste as far as rebuilding Haiti is concerned.

He will work together with the international community to rebuild a better capital that will look different as compared to the Manigat/Preval's continuity plan. Haitian people are tired with the status quo and they want change so Manigat is not welcome as the next leader of Haiti.

Haitian people do not want the politics of more of the same. Fillette Lalo like Mirelande will rebuild Port-Au-Pce with all its bidonvilles.

We, in the Haitian Diaspora, don't want shanty towns anymore in Haiti so we reject any tribalist leader like Mirelande...

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Hopes Martelly win the election

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