President Michel Joseph Martelly Is The Needed Leader In Haiti

Toulimen Legrand - March 3 2011, 12:41 PM

Ninety 5 percent of Haitians in Haiti will vote for Martelly based on France Radio and BBC because they believe that Martelly symbolizes their lost dream for years.

No one can beat his popularity in Haiti now. They love him for his songs, performances as well as his coolness.

He speaks the language of the Haitian people and as a peasant son he will revive the Haitian economy to move Haiti forward.

Haitian people will vote and Micky already won 95% of the votes.

For the Haitian people in Haiti, they argue that they will choose their own leader and they don't need ballot votes to do so. They already proclaim Martelly as their best leader to lead them in the days ahead.

Grandma Mirelande will be called on board to provide advices if she wants to. It is a matter of time and you will see the power of the Haitian people.

Many peasants in Haiti argue that if the international community steals their votes this time they will hear from them and Haiti will record the worst chaos ever in its history.

President Micky Good Luck! Mwen avek ou 100% e ti sousou kap pote akizasyon yo ap jape...Yo gen pou yo anbake e moun ap kon respekte moun tou!

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