There goes the pain again. Just leave Preval for a moment or...

Max Mills - January 3 2011, 9:51 PM

There goes the pain again.

Just leave Preval for a moment or forget him .Period.

Our problem is our forefathers, they have fought the war but never left a legacy for us. That is why everybody wants a piece in the cake even the Americans.

Preval is the same as the ediot elders.

If one of our elders did leave something we could have something to do today.

My point is Preval doesn't care because he never has a vision .Statements need to be people of visions.

Therefore he saw in the new ones the same quality of bias and mediocrity .Therefore as i said above Someone has to have visions, nurture the vision, workout the vision during his term if by chance not completed before the term end write out your memoires so others can follow the dream.

Example # 1.Do you know how long Ballaguerre spent in power in Santo Domingo, well, more than a decade.

The people kept voting him in, term after term. He had visions.

Santo Domingo is far advance than us. Admit the truth.

So we need somebody with visions.

That is why the Americans kept freezing the money.

There is no plans, no visions .That is why every year in our foolfool budget there is no work mentioning for the people, no progress so whatsoever.

No longterm goals.That is why the lesser Antilles are better than us and are laughing at us.We Haitians people as the first black revolutionary country should be the Head of Caricom instead of those in power have to consult one another to allow us to be in.

Pity. That is why they say we can't manage our own .Pity.If we need help we need help if there is an earthquake, hurricane but not political help.Any president who succeeds another one always follow the ideology of the previous while adding his contribution.

All of us learn from one another.

My vision for Haiti my friend is to see the connection of Mole Saint Nicolas with Cap-Haitian, La Gonave with Gonaives, Iles a Vaches with Jacmel, these islands are empty, one big highway with Santo Domingo.

That is vision my friend.

I will show you more visions later.

(se mwen ki di'l)

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