Haiti Is, Was and Will Always Be On A Dangerous Course

Toulimen - January 3 2011, 9:17 PM

It will always be on a dangerous course of history, for Haitians are not and may be will never be ready to embrace economic development to further the Haitian cause.

After 206 years of independence, Haitians have to leave their country as economic refugees to live a better life overseas.

60 years ago, Haitians used to go overseas to study or seek political asylum and not for economic opportunities.

From Duvalier to Preval, Haiti became a hell and a very chaotic place.

Haiti became a backyard country of the United States and Haitians overseas do not feel proud to return to Haiti to help when Haiti is not ready to receive them as well.

We are considered as people without a flag and a country too. Mismanagement, corruption and criminal activities became the norms.

There is no protocol in Haiti now and no one is ready to move this country forward.

We are hated by many mainstream citizens overseas for not having a country that we can call home. Haiti will always be on a bad course of history, for black male Haitian political leaders are symbols of shame in a very patriarchal society like Haiti.

Black male Haitians will never embrace civilizations to promote the Haitian cause; therefore, Haiti will always be on the bad course of history.

The day we can raise the bar and ask for higher expectations through good management accountability, Haiti will stop being on a bad course of history.

The bad course of history in the past 60 years came from Duvaliers, Avril, Emile Jonassaint, Aristide and Preval to name a few among those Haitian black monsters.

Shame on them! Haiti will be one day better for all Haitians and hope will come ahead.

We don't need any political monster to tell us about any danger ahead.

Quiet your mouth and leave ignorant president! Shame is on your face and shame again!

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Samba says...

Toulimen, I love this posting. Black male politicians in Haiti are symbols of shame and we must work hard to transform this patriarchal society in... more »