Dear friend, I am guilty of typing away on this keyboard, at...

Ronald Altieri - January 3 2011, 10:20 PM

Dear friend,

I am guilty of typing away on this keyboard, at times, without a clear vision.

Given those moments my thoughts, at times, are not as coherent as they should be. Hey! What can i say.

But when you write the following (i brought it together in the fashion that it is

34; Our problem is our forefathers, they have fought the war but never left a legacy for us. That is why everybody wants a piece in the cake even the Americans.

Preval is the same as the ediot elders.

If one of our elders did leave something we could have something to do today.

My point is Preval doesn't care because he never has a vision .Statements need to be people of visions."

Read that again!

I am not sure that is one of your best visions.

Although, i must admit, i like very much the ones you showed me later about connecting this place to that place.

I want to learn Max. I want my mind to be stimulated by wonderful visions.

I am seriously thirsty for that which brings harmony.

But first, let us lock minds so that we could travel on the same highway.

Second, take a look deep inside and see if you could see vision left to us by our forefthers; a vision of a legacy.

Hey! Friend, if you can not see that legacy then your roots are probably planted in a different mental soil. That's OK, because there is enough room in my mind to embrace your vision, while i hope that your mind can feel the melody of my song.

You see! We do not have to see things the same way, but we should have a way to see same things with respect.

As i read your visions, i thought of Haiti winning the World Cup one day.

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