Haiti President Preval Rejects Election Proposal By USA

Belpolitik.com - July 3 2010, 7:44 AM

President Rene Preval said that one of the Haiti election proposals by the U.S. Senate could result in "Anarchy" and he rejected the proposals.

According to a Reuters News article, President Preval said:

"I cannot set up an electoral council in consultation with international partners.

I do not form an electoral council with international partners.

I form the electoral council with national partners."

President Preval also said:

"If we are to strengthen political parties we cannot recognize fractions that exist within them, unless those fractions transform themselves into political parties through the legal channels."

"How can a political party present four or five candidates under the same banner and for the same position?

That's anarchy."

Read the full report on reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6600FA2...

What is your opinion about the upcoming Haiti Presidential Elections?

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Kat says...

I knew the international community was going to try to do some shit like that and for once im glad preval had the balls to stand up and stay NO. Who... more »

Earl says...

Everything you say is the truth and no one can deny it. My history with Haiti involved living and working there in early 1892 on. I left before Baby... more »

Kat says...

yea i competely agree, we need a military big time and make those blancs go home. All those kids that are not in school could be doing something... more »

Jean Allain says...

Je pense que Me. Joseph Saintfort Gelin sera l'homme le plus hon more »