I knew the international community was going to try to do some...

Kat - July 3 2010, 8:46 AM

I knew the international community was going to try to do some shit like that and for once im glad preval had the balls to stand up and stay NO. Who the hell suggests to set up an electoral council in consultation with "international partners?

WTF We are a SOVEREIGN NATION, we are not the Virgin Islands or Martnique I am so sick of the west telling haiti and the rest of the developing countries what to do. Its our freaking country, let us do it ourselves even if its chaos, its OUR chaos for us to worry about.

Haitians are tired of all these outsiders dictating to us what to do, I honestly believe sooner or later there is going to be a revolt because this cant continue.

This is what happens when you let outsiders try to "assist"you to develop.

They arent assisting with anything but getting their interests out of it and hurting the ppl. Now with this Earthqake, we will be indebted to the foreign powers forever.

I would rather suffer and not take anything ESPECIALLY the US and be sovereign and have my freedom then to be a slave child to the Western powers.

Toussaint and Dessaline are turning in their graves to see what has happen to our beautiful country.

I feel as though we are being colonized all over again and this must cease to continue!!!!


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