This post is made morning of June 24, 2010 and on front page...

Earl - June 24 2010, 3:17 AM

This post is made morning of June 24, 2010 and on front page of online edition of New York Times ( there is article on conditions in Haiti.

Many rapes and kidnapppings on increase in Haiti.

The nation is dominated by over 1,200 encampments and young thugs in mafa style sunglasses!
This is what your "leaders" have given you a crime ridden society.

When I think of the crimes of Haitians in U.S. such as the garbage & Haitian trash who shot and killed five (5) children in Florida and then caught a plane to Haiti I can only hope he was crushed by a big heavy slab of concrete on the day of the earthquake and that "law and order" groups will eventually come to deal with the criminals and rapists roaming the country.

Maybe all Haitians illegally in U.S. can also return home like the scum bag who murdered five children in Florida and help with the clean up?

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Yeah, if you are a citizen of U.S. you can live here...


Get me registered as citizen of Haiti so I can run

I lived and worked in Haiti from 1982 through 1984 and was chief pilot for old Air Haiti and am interested to return...

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