Everything you say is the truth and no one can deny it. My...

Earl - July 5 2010, 10:02 AM

Everything you say is the truth and no one can deny it. My history with Haiti involved living and working there in early 1892 on. I left before Baby Doc and my former boss Ernest Bennett were forced to flee. Now as I visit this website and someone suggested I run for President I "O.K." but then a lot of stattic about the matter none-the-less I have opinions that, as example, you have told the truth in your statements.

So, the question now becomes how to deal with some of the major problems like self rule. Some may be down on the times of Baby Doc just as they were down on other times with other rulers and now down on the current President also--they are just down on everyone! But no one person can really save Haiti but ideas to proceed with and toward in the future.

One proposal I continue to speak up for consideration is need to form a military school which would serve dual purpose to educate and at same time produce a military.

At least back in 1982 Haiti had a military and an Air Force and there was law and order and very little crime.

Haiti can't object to the things you have listed unless they are seen by others as having it together instead of living in a state of anarchy with rapes & murders going on while 9,000 U.N. troops are in the country.

Haiti must develope its own military and law and order and this comes first before Haiti will be in a position to protest policies of the foreigners who come to Haiti mainly for cheap labor if they invest such as with the baseballs produced there.

I met the owner of that factory which existed when I was there back in early 1980s.

To show you what its like trying to deal with the government of Haiti go to their U.S. embassy website and see if they respond to your email inquiries, etc.

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yea i competely agree, we need a military big time...

Je pense que Me. Joseph Saintfort Gelin sera l'homme...

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