Yea i competely agree, we need a military big time and make...

Kat - July 5 2010, 5:05 PM

yea i competely agree, we need a military big time and make those blancs go home. All those kids that are not in school could be doing something useful by protecting our homeland.

At the end of the day, all the ppl want to do is feel safe and its bc of the those infidels aka the CIA who keep infiltrating the country and causing all that violence making us look like animals.

I would like for someone to explain to me why the UN is still in haiti.

they are there while there budget is getting higher while that money could be used to build schools, ROADS, and etc. I mean to me there are not doing nothing but terrorizing the ppl, well at least in the early 2000. Going into perle simon and those other neighborhoods at 5 in the mourning shooting at ppls houses talking about their looking for gangs.

All you see is nothing but houses, churches, and etc full with bullet holes and those gangs dont have that type of machinery to do that type of damage.

If the UN were " trying" to do something serious, they should be in Democratic republic of Congo trying to stop that civil war thats been going on for how long, they should be in afghanistan not in Haiti.

Im telling you sooner or later there is going to be some kind of revolt, I honestly feel it because you can only push ppl so much.

Preval should do himself a favor and put himself into exile.

I dont know how he can sleep at night while is ppl, my ppl is hurting like this. I just dont understand it. I mean after awhile, your conscience has to kick in MEZAME.

I cant speak for others but i could NEVER fill my pockets with that filthy money while I see my ppl starving in the streets.

Ppl just dont understand, when these western countries saying their trying to "help" us, their just helping themselves.

And they want you to do it there way or no way at all. They will sell you out in a second and aristide learned that the hard way. Like my parents always told me when i was younger, dont take stuff from other ppl. And that applies into the politics cause they will use that as colateral against you!!!!!

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Everything you say is the truth and no one can deny...


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