For me so far this the first time I've seen a haitian...

Betina Jeanmary - July 14 2010, 4:29 PM

For me so far this the first time I've seen a haitian president achieve his full term without any chaos or exil. Whether Mr. Joseph is more honest or will do a better job as a president in haiti.

The question is, would haitian people will stop exil president because of their financial status or they want to break the law.We haitian need to be patient, depend on ourself and stop chaos in haiti during election.

We need to stop corruption, respect the law and allow each president to have their full term.For example in America, How many people who want bush as their president.

But the democrat people had no choice allow him to do his term respectively.

We need to do the same so our country can do better.

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Je pense que Me. Joseph Saintfort Gelin sera l'homme...


Dr Kelly C Bastien for President of Haiti!

Si Mme Myrlande Manigat ou Dr Sterling ne pourront pas assumer la tache Presidentielle au prochain...

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