Wyclef Says: Sean Penn Didn't see Me in Haiti because He was Busy Snorting Cocaine

New YouTube video just released shows Wyclef Jean dissing Sean Penn and Pras of the Fugees for their comments about his candidacy for president of Haiti.

Wyclef was performing live in New York at the Hot 97 On The Reggae Tip concert when he slammed Sean Penn and Pras.

Watch the video now...

(video not available)

In the video Wyclef says:

"I got a message for Sean Penn... Maybe he aint seen me in Haiti cause he was too busy snorting cocaine"

"I got a message for Praswell... Even you don't want to support me I got love for you only kicked eight bars in the Fugees..."

What does 'eight bars' that mean?

What do you think about this last performance by Wyclef?

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Kevin Tomike says...

Stop talking.

How much money wyclef has?

you think he would not steal the Haitian maney come on you never see people with money.let me tell you something the richest man in the world still looking for more money imagine for wyclef.

he is not even a

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Edrys Erisnor says...

Published in the Editorials of the Haitian

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Magalie Theodore says...


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Rie says...

Hello Executive,

Your comment is very ignorant and irrelevant to my posting.

If you do not have anything civilized to say do not say anything at all. I would not be surprised if you are offended about the comment about the country needing God rather than evil. I do not receive any of the negative things you just say because I am covered by the Almighty who is greater than ALL other

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Executive Counselor-1 says...

This is very low for you to make a baseless statement like this about Mr.Sean Penn. This makes you look like a low class vagabond and a nouveau riche who don't know how to behave.

Sean Penn use moderation and diplomacy by not revealing the incisive and poignant facts about you since he is not Haitian.

Do not fool yourself; your flaws appears naked to the whole world but

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Rie says...

I certainly do not think that Wyclef's remark towards Sean Penn was presidential.

I totally agree with KV about Wyclef.

I would CERTAINTLY NOT allow uneducated teacher to school my kids. If I had children, I would DEFINITELY have an educated and lovingly caring teacher to teach my kids. Similarily, I would NOT choose a president who is not educated and NON caring to run a country.

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Mr. Politrix says...

Seriously I'm really disappointed in the words of Wyclef when it comes to this situation.

I say this because it's because of him that we're so focused in this years election.

If Wyclef didnt put himself out there this wouldn't be a discussion at all. Yes, we all know that Haiti's political system is corrupt, but we also know that a majority of the people don't even understand the system in which they are living in. Mr. Politrix says this, "With the many candidates that are running, why don't they all sit down and put a real plan together.

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Frantz Pierrot says...

Wyclef need to let it be. He is not qualified by a long short.

Better keep rapping ////Only in

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U Don T Want None. says...

5 major companies sell cement to the government of haiti, and 1 of those 5 cement companies have been dealing cement in haiti since 1974. This same cement operation is based in colombia on property owned by the formerly alive pablo escobar.

Wyclef is too much of a wildcard to the status quo to be accepted as PRIME MINISTER, the government position that actually runs the government, but i dont think it would have hurt for him to take that spot that deals with the

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Wyclefans says...

KV (Kelly villate),

Now you are using KV hugh....

You have completely transformed yourself.

I would like to know what has made you change your mind on Henry Baker the

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