Haiti Elections - Brandt Says it's about time we talk about being Haitians

There is a call for unity in the Haitian elections this year and businessman Gregory Brandt is standing behind presidential candidate Jude Celestin, the son-in-law of president Rene Preval some say.

Gregory Brandt says:

"For the last 20 years, we've been discriminatory. We've been Duvalierists, Putschists, Lavalas, Lavalas Revisionist/Prevalians. Now, it's about time we talk about being Haitians."

This is according to an article released yesterday by the Miami Herald.

Gregory Brandt, the Wall Street Journal says, is 'a powerful Haitian businessman' and 'a member of one of Haiti's richest families.'

Brandt is currently the president of the Haitian-French Chamber of Commerce

Read the full article, For now, Haiti's presidential candidates in quest for unity, and...

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Harold Fleurine says...

I do not know what class I'm, but I do want to see the first class of haiti take controle of the elections this year, only the first and the seconde classes of haiti who can talking about unities.

Because most problems we have in haiti right now is a kidnapings.What class...give me you'r takes


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Mezidor Labranche says...

Hell no...

This not the time for unity.

This is the time for all haitians to focus on "all hell break loose" because this is their only change for 5 years from now.

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Rudy Etienne says...

Ceecee, by saying "Don't just tell us you are going to do something, show us what you have done," I mean the government of Haiti...I wanted to make it clear that we are seeing eye to eye when it come to progress for Haiti.

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Rudy Etienne says...

Ceecee, you are absolutely correct in your point...we need to see action.

As you stated, "action speaks louder than words." Don't just tell us you are going to do something, show us what you have done. We have been down that road once to many times.

Our beloved Haiti deserves

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Ceecee says...

I agree with you my brother.

Action speaks louder than

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Rudy Etienne says...

I agree with Mr. Brandt sentiment.

But I feel that the rich families in Haiti are as much to blame for the unity issues amongst the Haitian community at home and abroad.

What exactly has Mr. Brandt done to bring unity in the country?

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Betina Jeanmary says...

se vre, pa janm gen tet ansanm nan selman nan eleksyon, an tout bagay kap fet an ayiti.

se rezon sa ki fe peyi-a ap vinn pi pov.Mwen panse ke pep-la sipoze gen tet ansanm, sispann depan sou lot peyi. Mange ak fre akse nou, ede sak pa genyin.

pa tan gouvenman, kreye travay ak ti cob goverman ka prete-nou. pesape bisnis-nou ap mache epi ekonomi-a ap vin pi

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Will Smith says...

Thanks for the clarification, BELPOLITIK.

It's been said that Jude Celestion is in relationship with Rene Preval's daughter; so Jude Celestion is likely to be Rene Preval's

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Ayiti says...

Brandt ap defan biznis li ak afe pal ak biznis l'elite yo ki deja fe deal yo ak

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Belpolitik.com says...

We apologize for the misprint that Jude Celestin is the nephew of Rene Preval.

It has been removed from the article.

Jude Celestin is the nephew of Rony Gilot, Jean-Claude Duvalier's former minister of information.

News reports suggest that Jude Celestin is the son-in-law or president

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