President Preval Wants To Meet The Candidates, Some Refuse.

The president of Haiti has decided that he wants to have a one-on-one with the presidential candidates but some of them are doubting whether or not this meeting is in good faith.

According to a recent article published by Radio Kiskeya, Candidate Jean Hector Anacacis doubts the sincerity or president Rene Preval to meet the candidates.

Jean Hector Anacacis says "Rene Preval never does anything for nothing."

Another candidate, Jean Henry Ceant, flat out rejected the invitation to meet the president for a private conversation.

Jean Henry Ceant, says "It's a good thing that a president wants to meet a citizen but as a presidential candidate, I'm not interested in having a private conversation with him"

Candidate Gerard Blot says although he finds president Preval's approach a bit "strange" he is willing to meet with the president.

The president did meet with candidate Wyclef prior to his being rejected by the CEP (there is a song about that now) and he recently had a meeting with candidate Mirlande Manigat and her husband, former president Leslie Francois Manigat.


Why do you think President Preval is insisting on meeting each candidate one-on-one?

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Cd says...

They simply should meet with Preval, as long its in the best interest of Haiti and its people.

The candidates has nothing to fear, the topic should be what plan do they have to help Rebuild Haiti.

The meeting SHOULD NOT be about personal interest.

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Gabby says...

Preval is a corrupted crook himself.

He works for the U.S. government.

He's no

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Jean Sanon says...

these so-called candidates and the current so-called president in haiti are too corrupt and lack of knowledge lack of leadership to run for president and the citizens in haiti don't know they deserve better the one thing that kept these people from moving forward is their mentality until they shange that that country will never change too many years of dictatorship and curruption lack of knowledge and

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Cd says...

These candidates are not elected yet. Preval is the current President and if he is having a meeting they should all attend.

Some of these candidates may be hiding something we the public don't know about.Therefore, President Preval has every rights to request a meeting with them, maybe some of them will be exposed for what they are. This is a new epoch in haitian politics all the candidates should show transparency.

None of them should refused a meeting with the current Haitian

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Brisma Chatelier says...

You are absolutely right, and i agree with you 110%.

He needs to have a one round table meeting with all of them at the same

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Pierre Joseph says...

Preval has a lot of candidats on his own on the list. Of course, he has to meet with them one on one to make sure he has everything in order to throw his final blow in November.

Of course, he doesn't want to take any chance, he has to try to seduce the other popular candidats who have a chance, in case things don't happen the way he expected, he has to make sure he has them under his belly.

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Sergo Jean says...

I disagree.

Li te deja utilize bagay sa avek Wyclef.

Bagay sa yo se Taktik tout politisyen blofe, pratik sa yo Opozisyon konnen n deja. Li fet pou CEP, Preval,Latortue, Alexis,Paleman e preske tout intutisyon peyi a pou jwen yon konpromi avek sosyete ki nan opozisyon an pou regle prop zafe pa pati ki sou pouvoi.

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Roseline says...

preval fou, why he want to meet with the candidate, he already reject wyclef.none of them should meet with him, i want him to

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Mark says...

I assume so that he can assess If the canidate Is easily manipulated.

So that he can manipulate and control who will
Win the presidency.

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