I certainly do not think that Wyclef's remark towards Sean...

Rie - September 17 2010, 5:48 PM

I certainly do not think that Wyclef's remark towards Sean Penn was presidential.

I totally agree with KV about Wyclef.

I would CERTAINTLY NOT allow uneducated teacher to school my kids. If I had children, I would DEFINITELY have an educated and lovingly caring teacher to teach my kids. Similarily, I would NOT choose a president who is not educated and NON caring to run a country.

He/she would have to be both educated, ethical, fair, and lovingly caring.

An no Sean Penn did not decide the destiny of Haiti.

How could one come to that assumption?

Just as Wyclef and all of us have a right to state our views or thoughts on the election so does Sean.

I would not want a president such as WYCLEF to represent Haiti.

Look at the way he has reacted thus far, that would definitely add to tarnish of Haiti's image.

After all as KV mentioned above, ONLY GOD can help Haiti.

We need a people with clean hands and pure hearts after God and nothing else but God. This country needs to be dedicated to God only and not play harlotry by trying to serve God and satan (voodoo).

I am not saying that all Haitians do voodoo, but what I am saying is that it is sad that Haiti is known for a country that heavily practices this stuff.

We need a Haitian people that will pour their hearts out to God and repent.

Knowing God is not about knowing religion it is about having a relationship with Him and believing with out a doubt that His son already bore everything for us at the cross.

It is possible if we all work for each other and with each other.



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