Manifestation in Haiti

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Anti-Government Manifestation in Haiti - Protesters asking Laurent Lamothe to resign

Depute Arnel Belizaire ak bèl abiman wouj li... There was another protest in Haiti this Thursday, 19 June 2014 and this time the demand was for Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to leave office, according to Depute Arnel Belizaire who seems to be "a la tèt" of the latest anti-government protest in Haiti... more »

Haiti - Shocking photo of Arnel Belizaire armed with an assault weapon at a Manifestation surfaced on Facebook

Haiti Depute Arnel Belizaire with Assault Rifle at a Protest 10 June 2014 Look at this photo of Haiti Depute (Congressman) Arnel Belizaire carrying what looks like an automatic assault rifle to a protest Tuesday, 10 June 2014... This photo surfaced on Facebook late Tuesday afternoon after rumors spread that Depute Belizaire fired a gun shot during the manifestation... more »

FACT or RUMOR - Did Depute Arnel Belizaire fire Gun Shots from inside a Haiti Protest Tuesday?

Depute Arnel Belizaire in Anti-Martelly Protest - 17 Oct 2013 There is buzz on Haitian social media that Haiti Depute Arnel Belizaire had a gun and fired that gun from inside a Manifestation in Port-au-Prince Haiti Tuesday, 10 June 2014... We do know yet know this to be a fact since I have not heard an official Haitian media outlet mention it but... People are talking on the social networks... more »

Manifestation in Haiti - Yet another Anti-Martelly protest dispersed by police

Manifestation Anti Martelly Haiti 14 May 2014 Haitian police has dispersed yet another anti-Martelly protest in Port-au-Prince Haiti tuesday, 10 June 2014, heading for the National Palace.... more »

FLASH - Yon Manifestation Anti-Martelly fek komanse nan Lari Port-au-Prince Jodi a

Manifestation Anti Martelly Haiti 14 May 2014 Denye Nouvel... Gen yon manifestation anti-Martelly ki ap prepare pou demare laa sou Belair jounen Jeudi 5 Juin 2014 la... Ancien Senatè Turneb Delpe ki nan manifestation saa, nan yon interview sou radio Vision 2000, te bay yon list rezon pou manifestation saa... more »

Arcahaie Haiti - Protesters Storm through Courthouse office and Rip President Martelly photo off the wall

Haiti - President Martelly Portrait Ripped Off a Courthouse Wall Following an incident at Arcahaie involving Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles and a prison guard, the Senator's followers stormed through the judge's office at the Arcahaie courthouse and ripped the photo of President Michel Martelly from the wall... more »

Is Haiti's Justice System trying to put some ORDER in the way Haitians Protest?

Jean Renel SANON - Haiti Ministre de la Justice et de la Securite Publique When you hear "Manifestation in Haiti," that means anything goes... When you hear "Pote Boure," manman pitit mare senti-w... Haitian protests feel like a street party where anything can happen... There is a band, there is music, dancing, and you can get away with just about anything... Haiti's Justice Minister, Jean Renel Sanon, is trying to put an end to that... Not the protest part which is a right that every citizen have but the "Carte blanche to do whatever you want" part... more »

Haiti - MOPOD Delegation Refused entry to Arcahaie where Timothee Rony is Imprisoned

Rony Timothee - FOPARK HOT News from Haiti... A delegation of people from MOPOD and the political opposition embarked on a mission Wednesday, 21 May 2014, to go see Timothee Rony, porte-parole of MOPOD, imprisoned in Arcachaie, they were REFUSED entry... "Only his lawyers and close family members can see him" is the word from Haiti's Justice department... more »

Haiti Politics and the Opposition's Quest for Palais National

Haiti Manifestation 28 Avril 2014 - CIMO bloke wout manifestan yo One topic that was discussed today on Haitian radio is the political opposition in Haiti and their all-important quest for their protest to reach Palais National... "7 tou Palais National pandan n'ap chante Jericho miray la kraze," Opposition leader Timothe Rony always says before each and every protest... more »

Anti-Martelly protestors Set a Haiti Gas Station on fire

Haiti - National Gas Station Set on Fire in Anti-Martelly Protest Wednesday 14 May 2014 - Protestors set on fire a Haiti NATIONAL gas station at the corner of Rue des Miracle and Rue Mgr Guilloux in downtown Port-au-Prince Immediately after an anti-Martelly protest was dispersed near the Haiti national palace... more »