Manifestation Haiti

Haiti Manifestation - Assad Volcy di: Si Martelly pa prese bay demision li, pita ap pi tris pou li

"Jodi a si Martelly pa prese fè yon diskou pou li kite pouvwa a, jan-m wè kolè pep la ap monte la a, pita ap pi tris pou li." Men ki deklaration activist politik Assad Volcy fè jounen manifestation 16 Desanm 2014 la sou antenn radio Caraibes...

Haiti - Another Manifestation starts Tuedsay, 16 Dec 2014 - The Opposition hits the streets

The Haitian opposition takes to the streets one more time Tuesday, 16 December 2014... Although Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe resigned, The electoral council (CEP) quits, the opposition wants more and more... They want Martelly's head on a silver platter...

Haiti Police says Dead Man was PLANTED in Saturday anti-government Protest

Miami Herald reporter Jacqueline Charles just twitted this: "Haiti Police Spokesman Gary Desrosiers says dead man on street wasn't killed in today's Haiti protests. 'His body was deposed there.' " Say what???

FLASH... Haiti - At least one DEAD in anti-Government Protest Saturday 13 Dec.

Breaking News... Casualties are being reported in the anti-government protest Saturday 13 December 2014 in Capital Port-au-Prince... A young man was shot in the heart. He lays dead near the palace, says Miami Herald Report Jacqueline Charles...

Haiti Manifestation - Vladimir Putin (RUSSIA) Please Help Us get rid of Martelly and Lamothe!

Haitian anti-Government protestors are now calling on Russia President Vladimir Putin to help them get rid of their President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe... Kisa???

Haiti - Manifestation Vendredi, Manifestation Samedi, Manifestation Dimanche

Mezanmi, nan peyi d'Haiti, opposition an pran lari a tout weekend la... Dapre nouvel yo, te genyen manifestation Vendredi, kawotchou tap boule nan zone Palais National... Samdi 29 Novanm menm, dezyèm jou a, manifestation pi rèd, Lapolis tire anpil gaz lakrimojèn nan zòn Kafou Fleuriot nan vil Tabarre... Jounen Dimanch la, mwen tande pwal genyen Manifestation ankò.

Haiti - Manifestation Pro-Martelly in Gonaives, Demand to Senators, Vote Electoral Law

Gonaives Haiti - Supporters of the Martelly-Lamothe government took to the streets Friday demanding that the opposition senators vote the amendment of the Electoral law required for elections to be held in the country...

Haiti Manifestation - NO incidents reported in 25 November anti-Government Protest

You may not believe what I am about to tell you but... There is nothing to report from the anti-government protest Tuesday, 25 November 2014... No incidents... "Pa genyen okenn fait a signalé!" That was the report from one of the radio stations in capital Port-au-Prince... Wonderful!!!

Haiti Judicial Police DCPJ denies death allegations in 18 Nov Protest

DCPJ, Haiti's Central Directorate of the Judicial Police formally denied allegations that three protesters were killed during the November 18 opposition protest... Following an incident at delmas 32 where shots were fired, the opposition claims that some of the protestors died, DCPJ says NOT TRUE...

Haiti - Arnel Belizaire now at Parquet de Port-au-Prince following accusations he shot protestors

Haiti - Depute Arnel Belizaire surrenders himself to the Parquet de Port-au-Prince following accusations of his involvement in shots fired at protestors in the 18 November 2014 Manifestation against President Michel Martelly...