Manifestation in Haiti

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FLASH : Street protests in various parts of the capital and other cities in Haiti Sunday

President Jovenel Moise - Bullseye (target) There are street protests in various parts of Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince and other cities in Around the country according to news reports. more »

Francisco Delacruz shocked by Evaliere Beauplan's declaration promoting oil dumping as roadblocks in Haiti

Haiti Senateur Francisco de la Cruz Dr Francisco Delacruz, a former senator of the republic, was in shock when he heard Senator Evaliere Beauplan telling the population do dump truckloads rocks, sand and oil into the streets of Haiti to serve as roadblocks for street protests. more »

Se tout bon, Ville Aux Cayes CHO, anwo ma monte anba pa desann

Se tout bon, Ville Aux Cayes CHO, Barikad tout kote. anwo ma monte anba pa desann more »

Haiti - Moise Jean Charles calls his followed to lower Haiti flag and raise the Black and Red flag

Moise Jean Charles and his black and red (noir et rouge) flag Former Haitian senator Moise Jean Charles is calling on his followers all over Haiti to lower the blue and red Haitian flag and replace it with the black and red flag which he says it the Dessalines flag. more »

The Haitian opposition getting ready to ruin 18 Novembre, a significant holiday in the country

Moise Jean Charles vs Jovenel Moise 18 Novembre in Haiti is the anniversary date of the battle of Vertieres but it is about to become another day of manifestation in Haiti and a day where Haitians who oppose the current government will attempt to overthrow sitting president Jovenel Moise. more »

Haiti 17 Octobre, Rony Timothee di JEZI k konnen di se pa andedan kay moun yo pwal chache kob PetroCaribe a

Rony Timothée says only Jesus knows whether they will enter people's home Haiti 17 Octobre 2018, Lidè opposition Rony Timothée di "JEZI k konnen" si se pa andedan kay moun yo pwal chache kob PetroCaribe a... Se pa DECHOUKAY sa vle di? more »

VIDEO: Haiti PM Henry Ceant addresses the Nation on the eve of October 17 Street Protests

Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant speaking to the people of Haiti Haitian prime minister Henry addressed the nation on the eve of October 17 2018 before a major street protest that is expected to hit the streets. "It is your constitutional right to protest," the prime minister said, "but at the same time, everybody has the right to not be afraid in this country this is also their constitutional right." more »

VIDEO: Haitians in Long Island protest in front of a Sweet Micky Labor Day event

Haiti Diaspora - Anti Martelly Protest - #PetroCaribeChallenge A group of Haitian protesters in Long Island New York were protesting in front a venue Saturday where former President Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky) was scheduled to perform. more »

Haiti - A transportation strike scheduled for this Monday failed, the people ignored it

Haiti woke up to the news of a transport on strike this Monday, July 30 2018, that was supposed ot paralyze life in the capital but by 9am everyone went about their business as as usual as if nothing was announced. more »

FLASH : Manifestation in Haiti - Moise Jean Charles announces a sudden street protest Wednesday

MOISE Jean Charles après son retour de Cuba pour des raisons médicales Breaking News... ex Senator Moise Jean Charle, opposition leader, announced a sudden street protest happening today, Wednesday, to force president Jovenel Moise out of office. more »