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Haiti Politics: Moise Jean Charles announces Operation "Femen PEYI" (Country SHUTDOWN)

Moise Jean Charles nan Manifestation Haitian opposition leader Moise Jean Charles has announces a new Operation "Femen PEYI" (Operation Country Shutdown) all across the country in order to force president Jovenel Moise out of power. more »

Opposition Manifestation in Haiti announced for Thursday 28 Sept

Haiti Manifestation - Seremoni BWA BANNANN, Bagay Malè LOL... The opposition against President Jovenel Moise, or is it against the budget, has announced manifestation in Haiti for 2 days starting Thursday 28 Sept 2017... more »

Haiti's Justice Minister condems acts of violence and vandalism in recent protest

Haiti's Ministry of justice has condemned strongly all of the acts of violence and vandalism that occurred during an opposition street protest Tuesday and promises to act. more »

Political Leaders nowhere to be found in Tuesday's anti-Jovenel Manifestation

Who was in charge of the street protest in Haiti Tuesday? That's what many journalists are Signal FM reports journalists were looking for political leaders in the street protest all day and they couldn't find them. more »

BIG Manifestation In Haiti Tuesday, tires burning, cars set on fire, store windows broken

Manifestation in Haiti Tuesday, 12 Sept 2017 There were roadblocks in various parts of Port-au-Prince Haiti Tuesday, 12 Sept 2017, due to a major street protests held by those opposed to President Jovenel Moise and his new budget more »

Haiti Police crashes a LAVALAS manif before it even got started

LAVALAS Candidate Louis Gerald Giles protesting against elections in Haiti Fanmi Lavalas wanted to go out Monday, 11 Sept 2017, to commemorate the anniversary of St Jean Bosco. According to News reports, Haitian Police put a stop in this manifestation before it even got started. more »

FLASH: Haiti National Assembly Postponed Following Protestors Attack on Parliament Building

Le Parlement Haitien en Assemble National Breaking News... The National Assembly scheduled for today has been postponed due to an incident where pro-Privert street protesters thew rocks at the Parliament building... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Lavalas and Pitit Dessalin Protesters Attack Parliament Building Hours before National Assembly

Breaking News... Haitian Fanmi Lavalas and Platfom Pitit Dessalin street protesters has just showered the parliament building with rocks and stones while Senators and Deputes are getting ready to hold a National Assembly to decide the fate or President Jocelerme Privert... more »

FLASH: Haiti Manifestation - Shots Fired on Blvd 15 October, today, June 14, 2016

Tension in Haiti -- A group of demonstrators walking on Blvd 15 October are laying large rocks and tires on the road from the corner of Fleuriot until the corner of Caradeux (near Aristide University). Shots have also been reported... more »

Haiti - Pwal gen Manifestation pou soutni President Privert, pou di yo vle verification

Patizan Moise Jean Charles ap Boule Kawotchou apre Election 25 Octobre la Haiti Manifestation Alert -- Genyen yon mouvman ki pwal lanse nan lari a, ki pwal mande moun pran lari pou soutni president Jocelerme Privert... Yo pwal mande moun yo pran lari pou pou di yo suporte commisison de verification an, dapre yon jounalis nan radio Zenith FM more »