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FLASH: Haiti Opposition Announce BIG GIGANTIC Manifestation 18 Novembre, Vertieres Day

Jacmel CEP Pierre Louis Opont Tèt Anba nan yon Cerceuil - Manifestation Sud-Est Haitian opposition leaders announced that they will united for one BIG street protest to commemorate the battle of Vertieres this 18 November 2015... "It will be GIGANTIC," Espace the Resistance leader Mirlande Manigat said Tuesday. more »

FLASH : Haiti - BIG Manifestation Anti-Election in Cap-Haitien under Heavy Police Escort

Moise Jean Charles nan Manifestation Cap-Haitien BREAKING NEWS... Cap Haitien Haiti, Tuesday, 17 Nov -- There is a BIG Anti-Election protest happening now in the city of Cap-Haitien and it is under heavy police escort according to news reports... Protesters are chanting: "Bare Opont, Nou pap Manje Bannan!!!" more »

Haiti Samedi 7 Nov, Bas Delmas, Belair, Kawotchou ap boule!

Patizan Moise Jean Charles ap Boule Kawotchou apre Election 25 Octobre la Haiti apre resulta Elections yo, Samedi maten, Bas Delmas, zone Belair, Katowochou ap boule depi bone nan maten, se sa Jean Monard Metellus Radio Caraibes FM fe konnen nan emission Ranmasse... more »

FLASH: Haiti apre Resulta yo, MANIFESTATION sou Route Delmas, Block Delmas 33

Patizan Moise Jean Charles ap Boule Kawotchou apre Election 25 Octobre la Breaking News... Haiti - Genyen yon MANIFESTATION ki fek Deklanche sou route Delmas, zone Delmas 33... Yon group moun ki deklare yo se Pitit Desalin pran lari sou auto Route de Delmas jounen Vendredi 6 Novembre 2015 la... more »

Haiti Elections - LAVALAS ap fe Manifestation oswa Campagne Electoral?

Lavalas Kanpay nan Manifestation Haitien an nou pale... Eske Fanmi LAVALAS ap fè Manifestation kont elections ou byen èske se yon still de Campagne Electoral Lavalas ap fè nan lari a??? Poster Candidat a la Presidence Maryse Narcisse gaye andedan manifestation yo... more »

Haiti Manifestation - Candidates Protesting in Port-au-Prine demand Elections Cancellation

LAVALAS Candidate Louis Gerald Giles protesting against elections in Haiti There is a BIG protest happening in Haiti capital Port-au-Prince this Friday, 04 Sept 2015... A long list of angry candidates are in the streets protesting and they have 3 specific demands... more »

Haiti - Gasoline Strike in Port-au-Prince 09 Feb 2015, News from the Streets...

Moise Jean Charles warns about Gas Prices in Haiti A gasoline strike is announced by the Haitian political opposition for Monday 09 Feb and Tuesday 10 Feb 2015 with a warning to all vehicle owners: if you go out with your vehicle 'sa w pran se pa w...' Many journalists are in the streets early Monday Morning to report on the situation more »

Haiti Manifestation 7 Fevrier 2015 en route for Petionville...

Manifestation Anti Martelly Haiti 14 May 2014 There is a street protest (Manifestation) in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince this Saturday, 07 Feb 2015, and it is heading to Petionville as of 2:55 pm... more »

Haiti Manifestation : Moise Jean-Charles announces "Operation Tempete"

Senateur Moise Jean-Charles ki ap pale ak la presse Former Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles announces the launch of a new "Operation Tempete" (operation storm) that he says will definitely force president Michel Martelly to resign... more »

Haiti - Assad Volcy says the Country is divided into TWO Sides

During the 20 jan 2015 street protest, Haiti opposition leader Assad Volcy says: "The country is divided into two sided, Martelly and his friends like PHTK, FUSION, INITE, Kontra Pep, Haitien pou Haiti... and on the other side we have the REAL Opposition: Pitit Dessalines, MOPOD, LAVALAS..." more »