Manifestation in Haiti

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FLASH: Haiti - Kawotchou ap BOULE Dives Kote nan Port-au-Prince

Tabarre Haiti Manifestation - Kawotchou ap Boule devan kay Aristide Denye Nouvel... Haiti - Kawotchou ap BOULE sou Route Freres, Post Marchand, Delmas 32, Delmas 40 Maten Lundi 18 Avril 2016 la... Pèsonn pa konnen poukisa dapre Nouvel sou Radio Caraibes FM.. more »

Haiti Manifestation - PHTK Pran Lari pou mande Election, Yo mete Plis Moun deyo

PHTK Supporters in the Streets Haiti Manifestation Update -- Pati Haitien Tet Kale (PHTK) pran lari Port-au-Prince jounen Mardi 12 Avril la pou mande piblikasyon calendrier electoral la... Yo mete PLIS moun deyo, dapre yon jounalis radio Signal FM... more »

Haiti - Pro Martelly Pro Jovenel MANIFESTATION Reported in Port-de-Paix

PHTK Supporters in the Streets Haiti Elections Update -- News is spreading on the Haitian social Media networks about a street protest, manifestation Pro Martelly Pro Jovenel Moise, that took place in Port-de-Paix on Saturday 23 January 2016... more »

FLASH: Manifestation in Haiti Saturday 23 Janvier, Wosh ap Tire nan block Delmas 32

Haiti anti-government protesters The Haitian opposition is protesting in the street of Port-au-Prince this Saturday, 23 Jan 2016... According to news reports rocks were being thrown at the protesters near Delmas 32, protesters who were enjoying themselves ripping posters of Candidate Jovenel Moise... more »

Haiti Elections - Manifestation CLASH with MINUSTAH, Rocks Thrown, Tear Gas

Haiti Elections Update -- An opposition anti-election protest Wednesday ended up in a clash with MINUSTAH according to news reports... Protesters thew lots of rocks at the UN peacekeeping soldiers who in turn retaliated with lots of tear gas... more »

Haitians are Protesting on International Human Rights Day 2015

US FLAG in Haiti Human Rights March Haiti Elections Update -- Opposition groups continue to protest in the streets of Port-au-Prince against the 25 October elections... A new manif has started Thursday, to commemorate International Human Rights Day 2015... more »

Haiti - PHTK says Election Results will not change by disturbing the peace

Haiti Elections Posters - Moise Jean Charles, Moise Jovenel, KI MOISE w ap Vote??? Haiti elections update -- Parti Haitien Tet Kale (PHTK) has a message for the opposition... The election results is not going to change simply by disturbing the peace. Its like saying you can 'manifeste' all you want, the results are the results... more »

Haiti - Moise Jean Charles says the MOBILIZATION will NOT Stop, Full Speed Ahead...

Haiti Caricature - President Martelly ap dòmi, Senatè Moise Jean Charles paret nan rev li Haiti Elections Update -- Former Senator and candidate for president Moise Jean Charles says that the anti-Martelly / anti-CEP MOBILIZATION will NOT stop... One day after he fell off his horse in a street protest, Senator Moise seems more determined than ever... more »

Haiti - Opposition an Anonse yon lot gro manifestation Vendredi 20 Nov

LAVALAS Candidate Louis Gerald Giles protesting against elections in Haiti Denye Nouvel... Haiti Manifestation - Opposition en anonse yon lot gro manifestaiton pou Vendredi 20 Novembre 2015 la... Se yon membre Fanmi Lavalas, Louis Gerald Giles, ki te anonse sa nan jounen manif Mercredi 18 Novembre lan.... more »

Haiti - The MOBILIZATION will Continue, Andre Michel says

Haiti opposition leader Andre Michel says "The mobilization will continue until we BREAK DOWN the Coup d'Etat electoral and put in place a government of TRANSITION that will hold free and fair elections in the country" following the 18 Nov 2015 street protest... more »