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ONLY ONE Rule in Haitian Politics: Si Mwen Pap Genyen, REBWASE kat la!

Manifestation Haiti 18 Nov 2013 - Kawotchou ap boule lan lari Port-au-Prince I have been listening to a lot of political debates in Haiti, especially since the El Rancho political accord and I am getting the impression that everyone who oppose President Martelly and his administration want ELECTIONS in Haiti BUT... Elections without MARTELLY... Therefore, for them, REBWASE kat la (reshuffling the deck) is the only way... more »

Vraie ou Faux? Yo bat Moise Jean Charles nan Manifestation Lavalas

Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles Mezanmi... Mwen fek pran yon nouvel laa ke yo bimen Senateur Moise Jean Charles nan yon manifesation Lavalas tap fe nan jou ki sot pase yo laa... more »

Big Confusion in Haiti Manifestation of 6 Dec 2013

ABA MARTELLY - Protesters in Haiti burn a white coffin with slogan Have you read the news about the big Manifestation that was scheduled 6 Dec 2013? The Haitian news media is reporting a state of confusion that took place... The number of protesters was so little that Depute Arnel Belizaire suggested they make another round inside the "Quartier Populaires," to gather more people before heading back to Petion Ville... more »

Manifestation in Haiti - 29 Nov, People are gathering to head to the US Embassy

Manifestation Haiti 18 Nov 2013 - Kawotchou ap boule lan lari Port-au-Prince The 29 NOV 2013 Haiti protest if ON... The latest news coming from Haiti is that people are gathering in downtown Port-au-Prince from Belair, Cite Soleil, and Delmas 2... Once gathered, they are heading to the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince... more »

Haiti Manifestation VIOLENCE Photos - Don't believe everything you see on Facebook!

Armed civilians shooting in the streets Take a look at this photo... It is a photo of, supposedly, Haitian civilian gunmen shooting in the streets, supposedly, during the 18 Nov 2013 manifestation in Haiti... It is spreading on Facebook like wildfire... AND... Propagandists from both sides are claiming it as foul play from the other side while others on Facebook are saying "I've seen this picture before!" Have you??? more »

Dialogue ak Martelly? Nou REJTE DIALOGUE LA - Declaration Senateur Moise Jean Charles

Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles Zafe Dialogue ak President Michel Martelly li pa yon option pou oposition an... "NOU REJTE DIALOGUE LA" Se sa senateur Moise Jean Charles reponn hier nan moman li tap pale al la presse epi yon jounalis te mande li "E question dialogue la?" Senate-a di li prale jiskobou men sanble se pa nan direksyon dialog la... more »

Haiti Senateur Moise Jean-Charles mande Desobeyisans Civil Toupatou

Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles Mezanmi... Men denye nouvel... Senateur Moise Jean-Charles mande pep Haitien an pou yo fe DEZOBEYISANS CIVIL... Pa peye tax, Senate-a di, oganize manifestation spontane nan zonn bo lakay nou jan nou kapab... Ou dako oswa ou PA dako ak sa Senate a mande a? more »

Anti-Ti Martelly Manifestation - NEXT STOP... Palais National...

Palais National - Haiti National Palace Haiti Senateur Moise Jean-Charles fe konnen ke prochenn kote yo prale jounen jodi-a, 18 Novanm 2013, se devan Palais Nationale, nan kad manifestation anti-Martelly ki ap dewoule nan Port-au-Prince... Se yonn nan de kote Martelly pa vle yo ale, Moise Jean-Charles fe konnen... more »

Supporters of Haiti President Martelly plan to hold demonstrations in Port-au-Prince on 18 Nov

A Tire Burning - Protest in Haiti On Monday, 18 Nov 2013, supporters of President Martelly are planning to go out and show their solidarity with the president... That's on the same day that a big anti-Martelly protest is scheduled... more »

The Haiti News Headlines are getting UGLIER... Is that what we ALL want?

Mad Haitian This is the headline that went out in the news wires about today's Anti-Martelly Protest in Haiti: "Latest anti-government protest in Haiti turns violent with tear gas, rocks and gun shots..." Exactly what the opposition wanted... They want to overthrow the government... Is that GOOD or BAD for HAITI? I don't think they care! more »